Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Burma Bank - Part I

Finally, the much anticipated trip is just 1 day away. All packed and ready to kick some ass!!

Braid fighting belt, jig bag, windbreaker, Kit Kats, Accurate 665, Saltiga Dogfight, Saltiga 4500, Stella 8000 and Avet SX. CHECKED!!
Hooks, Boga, swivels, rings, gloves, leaders. CHECKED!!
Poppers and pencils. CHECKED!!
Pouch with passport, MP3 player, camera, medicines, US dollars, etc. CHECKED!!
Bazooka with rods; Tenryu JigZam 3-5, VFox 4-8, Kaibutsu 2-4, Xzoga 5-6, Gcraft 6, Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 6. CHECKED!!
In the past many many trips, I've learned to not have any expectations on a trip. A week ago, saw some pictures on Fisherzone forum with Yellow Fins of 80 over kg caught on Polaris Gold, the boat which I'm boarding tomorrow night. So will I have any expectations? Hahahaha... don't dare to think. Anyway, I want a DOGTOOTH!!!! I WANT IT!!! The bigger the better!!! So please, if you are reading this, pray for me!!!!
DOGTOOTH!! Get your tuna red meat ass ready for some WHOPPING!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ko Adang - Dec 2007

5 weeks since my last posting...Thats 1 of the longest gap I think ever since I start this blog a year plus ago. I didn't even had time to post a anniversary message to myself couple weeks back when my blog celebrated its 1 year old birthday :-p Work has been crazy lately, working 12 hours everyday yet it's not enough. Crazily shiok!!
Anyway, December was suppose to be a honeymoon month for me with Ko Adang and Myanmar all planned out. Ko Adang was a much anticipated trip (not as much as Burma Banks) as I've seen some pictures of good size trevallies every now and then. However in the past couple of weeks, the weather has been predictably BAD. Everywhere is pounded by strong wind and heavy rain, and Ko Adang was no exception. Few friends who just came back from Ko Adang right before our trip were all hit with bad weather and bad catch. Even when we were at the custom in Thailand, we saw 2 pickups with rods and stuffs and they stretched out their hands and gave us a thumb down and shaking head. Which is good cos that kinda made us prepare for the worst.

Long long drive up north, towards Padang Besar to Kaki Bukit.
It was quite obvious why they call the place Padang Besar. They should really call it Padang Super Besar. There were empty big huge fields everywhere...
Finally arrived at the immigration checkpoint.

The pick-up that was used to transport our gear across the border to Pak Barra, the jetty where we will be boarding.

Arsenal, food, drinks, tool box, etc etc. :-D Gallery of toys!!!
Cool islands everywhere after several minutes from the jetty.

Our chef in action. Food was decent throughout the trip. Maggi noodle, chicken, veg, fried rice, rice, etc.
First..or first half fish of the trip! YEAH my first 'kena cukai' or 'taxed' catch!! Hehehehe...
Eh...? Didn't I catch this in Pekan? Sigh...memboringkan...
Having fun with my light setup with BT (Baby Trevallies)
Poor fellow..kena gaffed by the boatman...wanted to release it...but we need food...
30 minutes later... :- The ONLY GT kept and chopped...all other released!! :-p
Baby grouper...
Another baby trevally...
Yet another baby...
And it goes on...and on...and on...babies babies babies...
And here comes the pain... :-s
This is me with my Poseidon PE2 and Stella 3000 getting stripped of 170m 15lbs braid in ONE minute :-D

That's all...I had a lot of lost fish that were not hookup properly...cut off...all in all, I think I lost around 10 IMAs throughout the trip....

Some other fishes from the rest...

The only 2 hours of rain throughout the trip...suprisingly...