Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shimano Stella 8000 FA

I can't believe has been 37 days since my last fishing trip!! This is by far the longest gap ever in the past 1 year plus!! :-(

And only 1 posting in the entire month!??! And even that also non-fishing related... :-(

Anyway, it has been a really busy month with work and stuffs. Hence didn't really have time for fishing or any fishing related activities. Fortunately, the future is all bright and exciting!! I've got a trip confirmed to Burma Banks, Myanmar December this year, Spratly next year April, and possible Lucornia next year March. So it's ALL good!! :-D

Lets go back to the MAIN topic....SHIMANO STELLA 8000!!! kekekekkeke....

Been waiting for this baby to arrive at Sykt Kepong for over a month! They have the SWs but I didn't want to pay another RM800 just to get a spare spool. Would rather use the money to pimp my reel. So 2 nights back, finally got a call from KC of Sykt Kepong -

KC - 'Ken! Your FA arrived already! How?'
KY - 'Really ah? What time is it now?' (was taking a nap, hence blur blur a bit)
KC - '8pm something.'
KY - ' much ah?'
KC - 'RMxxxx'
KY - 'erm...OK!! I come now to take!!'
KC - 'Ok. Bye.'


Here are some shoots, as usual! And some specs below!

Moment of anticipation! :-)

The package - Instruction guide, schematics, oil, washers, extra T-bar handle, spool wrap and the Shimano STELLA!!! :-p

Shimano Stella 8000 side by side a Shimano Navi 8000

Here are some extracts from the Instruction Guide -

- 15 Stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing

- A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)™ - All 15 ball bearings are A-RB type which are salt-water resistant. These bearings are 10 times more durable compared to normal Stainless Steel Bearings.

- FLUIDRIVE® II Gearing System - features a large-bore master gear developed after thorough research into the optimal shape of the gear teeth. The specially shaped gear tooth surface, polished via a wrapping process, makes the winding smooth and effortless.

- Aluminium Body Construction

- DYNA BALANCE® Wooble Free System

- Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse Bearing - This new anti-reverse system has been designed for maximum durability and instant hooksets. The system uses a one-way roller bearing that has been beefed up with extra thick rollers and race. Under no circumstances should grease be applied to the roller bearings of the Super Stopper. this will impair the movement of the roller and may cause the stopper to cease functioning.

- Oversized Power Roller Line Roller - a special line roller that reduces spinning reel line twist. PowerRoller reduces the line twist arising from repeated casting and retrieving - up to 50%. PowerRoller's special grooved design assures the line will be wrapped on the spool to minimize forward line twist.

- New FLOATING SHAFT™ Design - which is one of the secrets of the reel's performance, is the result of adopting a bearing to support the spool shaft and separate it from the pinion gear. This design improvement greatly reduces friction.

- Superslow Oscillation - The oscillation of the spool has been adjusted to a fraction of the speed of previous models. Line is wound onto the spool slowly and in close proximity, which results in a beautiful line lay. Slow speed oscillation also helps control and minimise energy loss during the cast, which can help realise longer casting performance.

- Super Duralumin, Aircraft Grade Alloy - The master gear is made of A7075 series Super Duralumin aircraft grade aluminium alloy for high strength and low weight. It is further coated with a layer of Black Almite. Black Almite coating is a microscopically thin coating that provides scratch resistance and increased corrosion resistance to saltwater.

- Pure Carbon Drag Washer - The drag washer made from pure carbon provides a smooth performance from zero to maximum drag power. It has also excellent durability.

- Maintenance Port - This is a great feature for easy maintenance. Keep your STELLA in great working condition by directly oiling the inside mechanisms without taking the reel apart through the Maintenance Port.

- Septon® CPD Handle Knob - The STELLA handlebar knob is made of SEPTON® CPD, a thermoplastic elastomer excellent elasticity. It is a PVC-free and solvent-free product that gives a comfortable, tactile feel. (Septon® is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co.,Ltd)

Specifications -

Model - STL-8000FA

Gear Ration - 5.0:1

Weight - 22.8 oz

Line Capacity - 12/325, 16/250

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