Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shimano 250 “Damn Chun”

Introducing… the Shimano Calcutta Conquest 250DC. Shimano calls it Digital Control. I call it DAMN CHUN!!!! Bday gift from NN couple months back.


And here’s the dial to THE Digital Control.IMG_2833  IMG_2972

And the heart of the control. Didn’t dare to open any further…IMG_2973

Drillings on the top side… not as much as the non-DC Conquest.IMG_2834IMG_2837 

The stock handle and knobs waiting to be PIMPED!!!IMG_2838 IMG_2839

Loaded with 20lbs power pro.IMG_2840  IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2846

Shimano Japan… I wonder if they have any job vacancy… and staff discount…


And here’s the partner in crime… Tailwalk Trinis, model TWC 661MH.

 IMG_2976 IMG_2977

Black & White clouds… perfect match with the DAMN CHUN!!IMG_2978 IMG_2979 IMG_2980

HOT HOT HOT!!!IMG_2981 IMG_2982 IMG_2983IMG_2984

Friday, May 08, 2009

KY’s Mini Studio

How do you find these pictures of the Stella 10k? Nice? Sharp? :) IMG_2828IMG_2831IMG_2830

And here is one with a Rapala lure.IMG_2822

And the Pluton.IMG_2849 

And here’s some comparison with the BEFORE pictures. Same camera and setting.





Anyway, the NEW pictures are taken in my new mini DIY studio. I think they are sharper because of the softer more evenly distributed lighting. The OLD ones are also more grainy. And the NEW ones has sharper distribution on the object. I think it will be even better with a tripod and on timer. And much better with a DSLR. :-p

Here are the materials. White hollow boards. Tapes, single and double sided. Stapler. Blade. White smooth surface A3 paper.IMG_2815 

Trim to desired sizes and join them using the tapes. Few layer would be good.


Cut holes on the top and side for lightings. These holes need to be covered with white cloth to soften the lights. IMG_2818  

Tape the whole box up, double tape the white paper inside for the background and base, cover up the top and sides with the cloth... And JOB DONE!! :D Project budget, less than RM30 :D Number of lights pretty much depends on preference. I use 2, 1 from the top and 1 from the side. IMG_2827


Monday, May 04, 2009

Battle of the Tubes

Well not exactly a battle. Just thought I’d do a simple write-up of the rod cases/tubes that I have.

Here are the contenders…

From left to right-

1) Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case,

2) Nature Boys Rod Case,

3) Pioneer, &

4) Plano


Lets start off with #4 Plano. Latest acquisition to replace #3 Pioneer. I use the Pioneer tube everytime I fly back to Brunei. I’d pack 2/3 light rods to go. But because it’s one of those cheap and happy for a while case, the zipper didn’t last after a few trips. The zippers are still there; it just doesn’t zip. So the last trip back to Brunei, I had to wrap the opening with duct tapes with a pad lock just so people think that it’s securely locked. So once I got back, I went to Sabre to pick #4 up.

At RM195 (prior discount) it definitely gives me much better piece of mind knowing my rods are safe. I think rod cases/tubes are something you don’t wanna stinge on. It’s a necessity. Anyway, here are some pictures…

This is the part that holds the extension of the case; which extends up to 9ft. Which I don’t think it’s advisable as it becomes flimsy like can break anytime like that.


IMG_2789 IMG_2790 IMG_2791 IMG_2792

And this is the cap/cover. IMG_2793 

Twist and lock mechanism.
IMG_2794 IMG_2795

And of course slot for your padlock.IMG_2796 IMG_2797

Comes with a leather strap to hold the cap/cover to the case.IMG_2798

Here’s the base. Stands upright nicely but definitely not firmly.IMG_2799 IMG_2801 

And here’s my gigantic rod case from Nature Boys.IMG_2804

This is the heart of the case; sturdy and solid support throughout. IMG_2805

And it opens and closes like a suitcase. Very functional compared to the normal ones where you insert from top. With this, you can line them up on the suitcase part first. Once done, just slide the top cover and close.


Extends up to 8ft+. Weighing in at 5.7kg, (3kg more than Plano Airliner) it’s definitely a heavy weight. But heck… 3kg for additional piece of mind… ok wat…


When I received this case, the first thing I did was stand on it. Something you won’t wanna try on the Planos Airliner. IMG_2810

And this is #1, my Plano Airliner. Been my faithful companion for many trips. Never had a problem with it. Good investment too. But of course, retirement is inevitable, to make room for Nature Boys!!

IMG_2811 IMG_2812