Saturday, May 02, 2009


New Crocs!! Dunno what's the model. Can't find it in their website. Wore it to Cyberjaya for fishing few days back. Suprisingly comfy and good grip on wet grass and climbing up and down loose pebbles.

Lace to tighten the grip on your feet.
Non-marking rubber.
Crocs exo-frame.


the COCO seed said...

Eh? Who bought it for you?? hahahaha...You're welcome and i'm glad you're making use of it :)

the COCO seed said...

Baby, the shoe is called "wraith" it's in thr little booklet that came with the shoe... :)

I have a suggestion...why don't you sign up for the Joran GP Fishing Carnival 2009? Crocs is now a sponsor for that carnival...I think most of the "Sometimes can anglers" can be a ambassador for Crocs as you guys have been supporters of Crocs for a long time now... :) maybe make a deal with Crocs to get some discount or something…Fishing + Crocs