Thursday, August 30, 2007


IMA GUN 吉 - Ganpeki Casting - lighter cousins of IMA RO :-)

IMA GUN - 40g - Silver
Interesting part of the IMA GUN is the different colour and pattern on opposite sides.
Red eye monster!!
Bottom weighted
IMA GUN - 40g - Yellow & Orange
Non reflective on one side.
Reflective on the other.
Variety of colours on 1 jig - Yellow, orange & silver, and the black eye :-p

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


More new jigs - IMA RO
Some simple details on the head.
Comes with an additional loop for additional assist hook, or treble.
百二十郎, 120g.
IMA RO - Blue Silver
Variety of colours around the jig.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Evergreen Custom Salt Water Lures

Bought some new jigs over the weekend. Can't wait to try them out and see how effective they are.

Evergreen Caprice - 130g Ocean Fleet - Caprice - Produced by Koichi Kubo

Interesting details on the front surface.
Bigger than normal loop.
The back has some interesting curves which gives the jig its action.
Caprice 130

Here's the younger cousin, Caprice Kid 50g

Same curves at the back of the jig.

More to come - IMA RO, IMA GUN, SHOUT!, Jazz.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Shimano Stella Drag Knob - Yumeya

Posting No. 100!!!!!!!! I was actually quite excited when I saw I was at my 99th post.

Yumeya - 夢屋 - Aluminium Machine Cut Drag Knob

Bought this knob a month back from Plat. Finally get to fit it in the Stella few days back :-) The 1 thing I don't like about the '07 Stella is the original drag knob; looks cheap and boring. Hence the Yumeya Drag Knob. Wanted to also get the Bassart's knob for the handle, unfortunately according to Ogawa from Plat, it doesn't fit. Yumeya have some nice ones but can't seem to get them anywhere. Anyway, one thing is for sure; this drag knob will not be the last upgrade for the Stella!!! :-)

Yumeya - 夢屋 - Customized Design - Shimano



Yumeya, 夢屋

Friday, August 24, 2007

Shimano Stella C3000 '07

New Toy!!!! New Toy!!!! :-D

Before that, a bit of light on the Rod & Reel Family. The family has, and will go through some massive changes in the past and coming weeks. Shimano Tekota 500 & Daiwa Saltist 40 has left the family, along with Lemax SeaGame PE5 & Shino Amberjack PE1-3. On the waiting list out is EUPRO Exploder PE8 & PE1-3, Pioneer Tuna Stick PE3-5, and Shimano Technium 4000. So if anyone interested, do let me know so I can accelerate my 2007 Upgrading Plan. Hehehe...

Going back to the the main topic, Shimano Stella C3000 2007. My drool started the day this baby was announced in the Japanese Shimano website. And when the stock finally arrived in Sykt Kepong around 4 months back, I was having 'financial doubts'. The drool was out of control. And 1 month back, when I finally gotten over my 'financial doubts', the C3000 was already sold. So that's another month of waiting and drooling. The moment I got a call from Sykt Kepong few days back, I was at their door step in 30 minutes. :-p

Main purpose of this reel, light jigging. :-)

Moment of anticipation...hmmm...3rd time this year I think... The box, the reel & pouch, schematics, washers and a metal piece to change the handle from left to right.
Absolute beauty...Still drooling... :-D
Slow Oscillation System - Lays the line perfectly onto the spool for the best line lay and castability.
The handle screws directly into to the drive gear, resulting in zero play between the handle and gear. The handle uses a hollow handle shank, that reduces weight while maintaining excellent durability.
The clicker only clicks on 1 direction :-)
The drag washers are protected by a waterproof gasket and provide a wide range of settings, low start up inertia, and excellent durability.

Shimano Rigid Support Drag, which eliminates spool wobble, even at light drag settings.
ARC Spool - A regular fixture in most future Shimano spinning models.
Loaded with 200m of 15lb Xzoga braid

Some additional features of the Stella '07, extracts from Tackle Tour & Tackle Direct

Featuring the new Propulsion and Paladin systems as well as the Aero Wrap II system, the Stella '07 features a magnesium frame and sideplate along with an aluminum rotor to achieve its light weight, while maintaining its strength. The Stella '07 also features a proprietary gear coating on top of the normal Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement that increases its durability even more.

Aerowrap II - a worm gear oscillation system that utilizes 2 different speeds and provides a slight criss-cross pattern to reduce the chance of line dig. It provides uniform line lay and winding shape and helps prevent loss of energy during casts.

Paladin Gearing - The Paladin gear durability enhancement utilizes a CF Aluminum Drive Gear and Special Hardened Brass Pinion Gear which Shimano found to be the best combination of process, metals and tooth design. The drive gear is cold forged out of the highest grade of aluminum available and gives exceptional density with minimal amount of metal to reduce the weight. The special hardened brass alloy used on the pinion gear is the perfect match for both smoothness and durability.Reels equipped with the Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement will retain their out-of-the-box smoothness much longer than before, and testing has shown that this combination of metals is more durable than an all stainless steel drivetrain while maintaining the smoothness that Shimano has become famous for.