Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rompin - 28th & 29th July 2007

Gonna keep this write-up short and simple. It was a fun trip with 3 of my colleagues who rarely goes sea fishing. Day 1 was planned for Sailfish, and Day 2 was planned for bottom fishing.

Sailfish day was good. We had many hookups, but unfortunately all but 1 were lost. Day 2 was spent bottom fishing. But mostly small fishes.

Dharma with the beer. He lost 3 sails btw... :-p
Terry, with the beer again.
Nicholas, beer again. What's with the face? :-s
Nicholas disposing of some beer...

Me and the one and only sail landed :-) Boatman estimate weight to be 45kg.
Tackle used - Avet SX with 300m of 40lbs braid with GCraft Jekyll Super Short Rodders, 60lbs Xzoga leader.
Lan Ciow Fish with Caprice Kid :-p


Anonymous said...

Ken, i bet this must be fun trip. What a great blog u have :) . Which boat did you rent? can you share me info and contact number of the boatmen? Thanks

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi :-) It was ROTI's boat. I don't have his number, as I initially wanted to book Ah Liang's boat and he was booked so he arranged for me ROTI's boat. Ah Liang's number is 0129012383.