Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Plat - Shopping - Part III

Hmm...the last few postings were mostly rods, reels & accessories :-p And I have a very strong feeling it's gonna carry on for quite a while since my next fishing trip will only be mid September to Merchung. Although may just go for some Peacock Bass over the weekends in between.

Anyway, bought this Fisherman knob for the Stella 8000. It's something different in terms of the material and colour. From near, it looks cheap cos it looks like plastic, or is it plastic? From far, its a bit striking cos its white. It spins well and feels weightless. So overall, nice :-)

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dotbar said...

Fisherman's that is mildly funny in a way! lol. Sorry I guess it shows I'm not a serious fisherman. er, fisherwoman. something.