Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Another expensive part of jigging, is the JIG itself. Of cos, there are always cheap and expensive ones. But like most jiggers I know, you tend to have MORE jigs than you need. And to make matter worst, any tackle shop you go to, there's an endless variety of jigs to choose from; long or short, fat or skinny, knife-shaped or needle-shaped, blue, pink, green, rainbow, luminous, reflective, etc. etc. And more often than not, these jigs are designed and packaged for the JIGGERs, not the fish :-)

Anyway, going back to the 'expensive part of jigging', there are 2 school of thoughts that I've come across.

1 group believes that the JIG, is just a piece of metal. Any brands will catch you the big elusive ones. In fact, the cheaper, the better. You often hear them say 'No need to buy the expensive ones. My biggest Dogtooth was landed using a RM10 jig!!'. Makes sense? Yeah... :-) Afterall, there has been countless testaments by my friends, and myself :-p

Another group believes in the pricier approach. Brands like Fisherman, Ever Green, IMA, Shimano, SevenSeas Hooker, etc. etc. These brands are of cos developed after much research. With research comes added costs to the development of a jig, which are of cos passed on to us, the jiggers. Make sense? Yeah... :-) I always believe that good things come with a price. And you pay a premium price for a reason. Of cos, there are times when you just pay for the brand, but then again, the brand itself is a symbol of reliability :-)

Anyway, most of the time, I keep myself in the 1st group. But lately, I'm taking some baby steps into the more premium and branded jigs; which are like double/triple the price of the ones I normally buy. But it's just baby steps :-p And honestly, it's scary. But if it's gonna make a difference in the catch rate, I'm SOLD!!. So we shall see how effective these branded jigs are. :-)

My collection of jigs. Total number - 80 over. Total weight - 10kg over.Heavy Arm breaking ones... :-s
Medium Just nice ones... :-)

Light No feeling ones... :-D

Nicely tugged in the jig bag :-)

Here are some of my new jigs, my baby steps...
Ever Green - Caprice Kid - 50g

IMA RO - 60g - 六十郎
Ever Green Caprice - 180g
Produced by Koichi Kubo

IMA RO - 100g - 百郎
Ever Green Javeline - 140g
Produced by Yoshitaka Tsurusaki
Ever Green International Co. Ltd.

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