Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wreck Revisited & P9

Initially, a trip was planned to Pulau Jarak with some kakis from MFN. But the multiple bust-offs I had during my last trip was just too tempting. So a decision was made to put our asses through a 2-hour bumpy boat ride to the Indonesia border to fish at the wreck once again. Unfortunately, history was not meant to be rewritten...

The wreck was a total opposite compared to our last visit. No bust-offs at all. In fact, we didn't have anything close to a bust-off. We did in total lost around a dozen jigs to the Tenggiris.

This was the only decent Tenggiri landed at the wreck :-) We also lost a barracuda by the boat side when we tried to gaff it.

Fortunately, the Grouper spot was still quite obliging :-)
5kg+ grouper.

Rod - Tenryu JigZam PE3-5. Reel - Shimano Stella 8000. Line - Kitaya Batline, 40lbs. Leader - YGK Castman 80lbs. Jig - Ever Green Caprice - 180g

Another grouper, 4kg+. IMA jig, 100g.
Kerisi, 100g? Hehehe...

That's pretty much all we had around the wreck. Can't complain :-) The groupers gave some very powerful short bursts in the beginning :-D

The next day, I went to Pulau Sembilan with another group, my usual kakis :-)

Here's Bruce, one of my usual Kakis, with a 'Gaya Kena Ada' Pose. Here's Ah Wah, another of my usual Kaki, with a 'Young at Heart' pose.My only catch of the day, baby GT.
Ever Green Caprice Kid - 50g
Bruce having fun with his new rod, Tenryu Jig Zam PE1-2. Matched with Stella 4000.

Bruce with his Baby GT
More baby GTs.

Baby Grouper :-)
Bruce with a Super Baby.
Here's Choong, the boat man, with his Queenfish.
Sweet reel....Shimano Stella 2000 '07.

Best friend of the day - ICY COLD WATERMELON. On the way back to Leisure Bay Cafe.
Our tow truck awaiting.
Dinner at 新海南村.
Specialty - Salted Egg Deep Fried Chicken. SUPER DELICIOUS!! We ordered 2 plates!!

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