Monday, August 13, 2007

Merchung - 11th July 2007

Went for a day trip to Merchung over the weekend :-) No biggies, just some entertaining small fishes.

Nice weather in the morning.
Main entertainment most of the time - Kunyits and Kelisi :-D
Derrick with baby Angkor
Me and my baby Angkor / Parrotfish
Nice spotted grouper
Jackpot of the day - 11lbs barracuda from trolling
Eric with his Barracuda
Jaws of the predator!
Jaws of the baby Grouper :-p
Later in the evening, the wind started picking up...
Bad bad bad weather... :-o
Time to head back...
Chopy chopy chopy water...
:-s :-s :-s
Suddenly, a glimmer of hope...

And a sign of relief...
WE ARE BACK!!! Safely!! :-D

The catch :-)
The transport...Nice...Comfy...Zzz...
The best part of the day - Steam Parrot Fish x 2, Steam Grouper, Deep Fried Kelisi and Squid

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