Saturday, February 28, 2009


Daiwa - I'ZE Factory - RCS - Jigging Handle

Ordered this from Plat before buying the reel itself :-p Unfortunately didn't have it in time for the Tukun trip to test it out. But in a way good also la. Now that I've fished with the original handle, will be able to see if this one would feel better jigging.

I'ZE Factory Optional Parts - 60-70mm Jigging Handle

The package - Handle+Knob, and a funky looking multipurpose tool.

Blue - Perfect match with the Sabel Dance.
And I snatched this digital scale from my mom when I went back to Brunei during CNY. Hahaha... Anyway, the original handle is lighter by 9gms. Out goes the original...
In comes the RCS...
Hot hot hot...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daiwa Pluton & Golden Mean

First saw this reel at Tackletour, when it was just a preview. Then few weeks later, there was a review. Then it arrived at Sykt Kepong a while after. This reel is like the Shimano Conquest, see liow die die also wanna get. But there weren't any pushing factor as it felt a bit redundant with the Cardiff, Conquest and Revo all of which serve similar functions. (CLEAR indicator that although I have a lots of rods and reels, they were all NECESSARY and purchased under perfect sanity.)

Thankfully, couple weeks back I went to Darren's shop to get some jigs for the Tukun trip and also to pick up something I bought a while back. Suddenly a strikingly blue rod caught my eyes... Golden Mean's Sabel Dance, PE1, baitcast, limited edition. And the price was slightly over RM300. Jeng Jeng Jeng!! Do I have something like that? No... Do I like the colour? Yes... Is my birthday coming? OH YA!!! So I started singing in my head 'Happy bday to ME! Happy bday to ME! Happy bday to KY!!! Happy bday to ME!!!!!!'. And off I left with the rod in hand!

So now the question is... what reel shall I pair with the rod? Cardiff, Revo and Conquest are all out of the question as they are for freshwater casting. And yes, it's all about SPECIALISATION!! It's also about having the perfect excuse to get a partner in crime for the Golden Mean. JENG JENG JENG!!! I started singing in my head again. After surveying around for the best price, as usual, I ended up at Sykt Kepong again, still singing.

There you have it, perfect pushing factor.

Anyway, here are some pictures and some review quotes from Tackletour -

'The Pluton feels extremely solid in hand, not only when examining the reel in hand but also when crankin'

'The Pluton was designed by Daiwa to be a multipurpose reel, one that can be used for tossing big freshwater swimbaits, targeting inshore species, or loading up serious big game with light line.'

The Pluton isn't flashy and features a clean utilitarian design that is simple yet elegant'

'The Pluton is all about power during retrieve is among the very best round reels we have tested to date.'

'Though solid as a tank the Pluton doesn’t handle like a big bulky machine, it does however react like a sophisticated sports car and each crank of the 90mm (center to center) handle is self-assured and the reel responds with profuse amounts of torque.'

'The Pluton it is also among the easiest round reels we have ever taken apart '

'The Team Daiwa Pluton is the best round reel we have seen from the company since the esteemed Saltiga hit our shores.'

'Daiwa took the high road with the Pluton and over-engineered the reel with extra robust gearing, a souped all machined frame, and a quality externally adjustable cast control system. '

Oh ya... still singing...Opted for the highspeed model . Less tiring.Pluton on black background.200m of 15lbs braid. Wanted to load it with 10lbs... but chicken a bit...Elegant plain silver all over.
Pluton on white background.Here's a quote from Tackletour -
'There is a black ring that encircles the non handle sideplate which rotates back and forth with an indicator that lines up with laser engraved marks engraved on the sideplate. The ring rotates easily by applying pressure with one finger and there is an audible click making it easy to make slight adjustments in the field.'

Golden Mean - Cheap cheap good good.Sabel Dance - Golden Mean Custom Saltwater RodLTD = Limited. Limited how? No idea...
Happy bday to me!!Why only once a year...? :-(
I brought the setup for my Tukun Perak trip last week and landed a Big Eye Trevally with it. Shiok shiok shiok. It looks good, feels good, jig good and fish good. The only thing left to do now is, if a reel is HOT, you've gotta make it HOTTER!!! So stay tune for some Pluton Pimping!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tukun Perak - Dec 08 & Feb 09

Tukun Perak - The island of GTs... NOT!! :-p Just came back from my 2nd trip, 1st last year December, and now this one just last weekend. There were no GTs on our first trip. On the 2nd trip, there was one BGT (Baby Giant Trevally) landed by Bruce within the first 15 minutes of the trip. Other than that, the rest were just Ts...

For our first trip, we only fished for 1D1N. The weather was so choppy and wind so strong that by the next morning, half the people on the boat were already sea sicked; puking around. And before we knew it, we were already on our way back around 9am the 2nd day. And to make matter worst, instead of 8 hours to reach land, the rough seas and opposing wind resulted in a 12 whopping hours trip. Fish count for me - 2 Kelisi from bottom fishing. More details HERE.

For last week's trip, the weather was much kinder. Minimal rain and sea was calm 90% of the time. We had thin spreadout action throughout the trip. No giants; just baby Barracudas, Big Eye Trevallies, Albacore Tunas, a good size Wahoo, and few other fishes.

All in all, I didn't enjoy the trip. Main reason being the traveling time. While we spent 3D2N on the boat, we only fish 1D2N. Whole of day 1 and 3 were spent on traveling; 8 hours journey. If the catch rate is like fantastic, I won't mind another 8 more hours. Unfortunately...

Anyway, I'm sure the GTs are around... But being a proud member of SOMETIMES CAN Anglers... Biasa la... Next time see how la!

Me and my Trevally :) On IMA 120g.
Me with my Big Eye, on 80g jig. Can't remember what brand it was...
Here's a closeup :) Got whacked on the 1st retrieve after it touched the bottom.Alan enjoying a Big Eye Trevally with my new setup :-) Details to be covered soon.
Alan and his Big Eye.Johnson - Wahoo King
Stella Gallery!!
And here is Bruce and Alan, Founder and Co-Founder of SOMETIMES CAN Anglers, and their 'pangkat'; 20kg Class. More details HERE.SOMETIMES CAN Anglers shopping for veggie.
There's Alan (furthest right) acting 'CASUAL', after I said 'Be Natural pls!!'.
SOMETIMES CAN Anglers hard at work!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


PRedator Research LABoratories

Got these funky poppers from Anglers Pro many many months back. And no, I don't intend to pop with them. Just gonna be for display only in my Fishing Room project :)

Here's their official website - they don't seem active cos their 'New Stuff' was dated 2006. But anyway, check them out... cool funky poppers :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Abu Revo SX - PIMPED

Bought these knobs for the Revo from Sykt Kepong more than 3 months ago. Sigh... the updates have been so irregular lately. Workload for the new year is getting busier by the day and working hours are getting longer. And the past few fishless trips didn't exactly provide much extra motivation to blog about them. Have not even been to Sykt Kepong for almost a month plus... which is considerably long for my standard... :-(

Anyway, saw this knob back in Sykt Kepong few months back. Bought it without much thoughts... 1stly, it's red... 2ndly, it's only around RM50. Cheapest mod EVER!!!!! Cheap Cheap Good Good!! :-)