Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tukun Perak - Dec 08 & Feb 09

Tukun Perak - The island of GTs... NOT!! :-p Just came back from my 2nd trip, 1st last year December, and now this one just last weekend. There were no GTs on our first trip. On the 2nd trip, there was one BGT (Baby Giant Trevally) landed by Bruce within the first 15 minutes of the trip. Other than that, the rest were just Ts...

For our first trip, we only fished for 1D1N. The weather was so choppy and wind so strong that by the next morning, half the people on the boat were already sea sicked; puking around. And before we knew it, we were already on our way back around 9am the 2nd day. And to make matter worst, instead of 8 hours to reach land, the rough seas and opposing wind resulted in a 12 whopping hours trip. Fish count for me - 2 Kelisi from bottom fishing. More details HERE.

For last week's trip, the weather was much kinder. Minimal rain and sea was calm 90% of the time. We had thin spreadout action throughout the trip. No giants; just baby Barracudas, Big Eye Trevallies, Albacore Tunas, a good size Wahoo, and few other fishes.

All in all, I didn't enjoy the trip. Main reason being the traveling time. While we spent 3D2N on the boat, we only fish 1D2N. Whole of day 1 and 3 were spent on traveling; 8 hours journey. If the catch rate is like fantastic, I won't mind another 8 more hours. Unfortunately...

Anyway, I'm sure the GTs are around... But being a proud member of SOMETIMES CAN Anglers... Biasa la... Next time see how la!

Me and my Trevally :) On IMA 120g.
Me with my Big Eye, on 80g jig. Can't remember what brand it was...
Here's a closeup :) Got whacked on the 1st retrieve after it touched the bottom.Alan enjoying a Big Eye Trevally with my new setup :-) Details to be covered soon.
Alan and his Big Eye.Johnson - Wahoo King
Stella Gallery!!
And here is Bruce and Alan, Founder and Co-Founder of SOMETIMES CAN Anglers, and their 'pangkat'; 20kg Class. More details HERE.SOMETIMES CAN Anglers shopping for veggie.
There's Alan (furthest right) acting 'CASUAL', after I said 'Be Natural pls!!'.
SOMETIMES CAN Anglers hard at work!

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