Thursday, August 16, 2007

Plat - Shopping - Part II

Goodies goodies goodies :-p

New jig bag. Front view, with a spacious compartment. Back view.
6 pieces short and 6 pieces long jigs, for each halves.

Haven't quite figure out what to do with this tube containers... But the spacious pouch will be handy for storing containers and stuffs.

SHOUT! Jigger Bag II
Just Fit System

SHOUT! Fisherman's Tool
The strap wraps the entire bag, making it more durable when carrying jigs within.

The front pouch is detachable.

Comes with 2 'separators'.

Will be mainly using this bag for 1 or 2 days trips where I can put everything inside (reels, jigs, containers, cloths, pliers, fighting belts, etc.)


jigger@newbie said...

hallo...good day...
may i know how much did u buy the shout jigger bag??

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Hi!!!

Its between RM200-250.



jigger@newbie said...

ic...thanks ya....
so...any comment for the jigger bag??
and have u buy system jig bag??

Ken FK Yong said...

The jigger bad is totally worth every penny!!! Very useful and it fits all the plano boxes. So I can chuck in everything from reels to jigs to poppers to leaders to anything else!! 1 bag and i'm good to go.

I don't have the system jig bag. My friend has it and it's really good. Worth the money too.


jigger@newbie said...

haha.....erm..i think so it's usefull for jigger....plan to get one....
so..thanks for ur help and information....

marry chrismas and happy new year !!!