Monday, August 27, 2007

Shimano Stella Drag Knob - Yumeya

Posting No. 100!!!!!!!! I was actually quite excited when I saw I was at my 99th post.

Yumeya - 夢屋 - Aluminium Machine Cut Drag Knob

Bought this knob a month back from Plat. Finally get to fit it in the Stella few days back :-) The 1 thing I don't like about the '07 Stella is the original drag knob; looks cheap and boring. Hence the Yumeya Drag Knob. Wanted to also get the Bassart's knob for the handle, unfortunately according to Ogawa from Plat, it doesn't fit. Yumeya have some nice ones but can't seem to get them anywhere. Anyway, one thing is for sure; this drag knob will not be the last upgrade for the Stella!!! :-)

Yumeya - 夢屋 - Customized Design - Shimano



Yumeya, 夢屋

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