Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Plano 1444

Bought this Plano tackle box a while ago.

I've been using this SureCatch tackle box for the past couple of years and it's perfect. Durable and waterproof. Can even sit on it. But very often, when I go on 2 days trips to places like Merchung, Rompin, Pekan etc where I'll be doing jigging, popping, bottom, trolling, balloon, etc, i find the box way too small. :-) Perfect excuse for an upgrade.

The old SureCatch that's going into retirement.

Plano Tackle Systems - Hard Systems - Guide Series - 1444
Solid handle with rubber grip.
The clips for the lower and upper compartments.

The top layer.
Bottom layer, very spacious.
The middle compartment.
The other middle compartment.
The clip to secure the compartments

The New and the Old.
Here it is all filled up. :-)
Jigs, spreaders, sotong jigs, poppers, scissors, hooks, sharpening stone, etc etc.
Leaders, sun block, boga grip, poppers, kevlars, apollo jigs, gloves, containers, etc. I even put my Caldia Kix 4000 and Avet SX in there during my last trip to Merchung :-D
Hmmm...empty spaces...

Some features of the tackle box -
- Four layers of storage
- Large bulk storage and spinnerbait racks in bottom
- Unique mid-lid compartment and storage under top lid
- Smoke DuraView™ lens provides access to large dividable top storage
- Over-molded handle makes for comfortable carrying
- Graphite / Smoke
- 18.5''L x 11.5''W x 8.5''H

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Anonymous said...

If you are a true fisherman you value the time on the lake and good tackle box is absolutely key to whole experience. This tackle box is going to provide years of frustration. Not one single compartment on the entire tackle box will hold the fishing lure, hooks, or weights in place. If you really enjoy having to reorganize your entire tackle box everytime you get to the dock or on the boat this tackle box is for you.

If on the other hand you want a tackle box that keeps items organized and in their compartments this tackle box is NOT for you. I contacted Plano directly and got the blow off from customer service and even the head of Product Management for this model. Don't waste your time with this tackle box. unless you plan on keeping 1 inch nuts and bolts in it, those might actually stay in their compartment....