Monday, July 16, 2007

Shimano Stella 8000 - Line Cap

Initially, I wanted to load the reel with 30lbs line. But after much consideration and research, I decided on 40lbs. And I choosed Kitaya Batline, #3.0, 400 metres. The beauty of this line is definitely the thin diameter and also the durability. I have the same line on my Accurate 665 and after several trips, the colour is still pitch black and no fur. But there is a downside. It's very very noisy, especially with spinning reels. Not that it bugs me as most of the time, I'll have my earphones with my MP3 player. Hehehehehe....good luck to those jigging beside me...Another reason I choosed this line is also the fact that they sell it by spool of 100 metres. Unlike others like Power Pro or Berkley or YGK, etc. they come in spools of 300/500 yds. So very often, you end up with too much or too little.

400 metres of 40lbs braid. Perfect fit!
My FG knot :-)
Kitaya Batline - Power Up Dyneema

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