Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jigging Assist Hook - DIY - Part III

And now to add in a bit of variety.

- Knotless double hook -
Since its double hooks, a longer kevlar is needed. Lets start off splicing the kevlar with the solid ring. Same thing, splice the kevlar with the solid ring looped in.

Pull the spliced kevlar all the way through.
Until the solid ring is tighten with the kevlar
Some gentle massage to tighten the spliced part. A bit of super glue on the neck of the 'Y' and the tip at the solid ring would provide additional security against slippage.
With the solid ring in place, the 2 strands of extended kevlar will be spliced for the hooks.
First spliced...
Pull through. Trim and tighten
Second splice
Pull through. Trim and tighten
Apply super glue where necessary for added security.
Insert hooks. DONE & ready to hook!!

Neat and tidy :-)

Hope this is informative :-)

- to be continue -

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