Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jigging Assist Hook - DIY - Part I

1 of the interesting part of jigging, is that you get to DIY a lot of stuffs. One of them being the assist hooks. Of course you can always buy them ready made with brands like Zenaq, Owner, Shout!, Varivas, etc. But there is always more satisfaction from DIYs :-p Also, with DIY, you get to have more variations. Most ready made assist hooks are usually singles. With DIYs, you can have them Doubles, or even Triples if you fancy.

Here are some of my DIYs :-)

Singles and Doubles Doubles, Even Length. This is my favourite. Hooked the most fish :-)

Single Hook Double Strand & Single Hook Single Strand
Double Hook, Uneven Length

Here are some Knotless ones.

The necessary tool for knotless assist hooks. My next post will be on how to tie one of these.
Dunno why it got rusted...
Some fancy ones...cut those from the plastic duster.

Jig with Shout! Jaco sheet.
Tied using dental floss.

Splash of nail polish with gold & silver dust.

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