Friday, July 20, 2007

Jigging Assist Hook - DIY - Part IV

Here are a couple more ways to tie assist hooks :-)

Jigging Assist Hook - Knots

Start off with a single strand through the hook. The end on the left will be use to loop the hook. The one on the right will stay stationery til later.
Make a small loop along side the hook.
Once the loop is formed, using the same strand, circle the hook several rounds and push the end through the loop.
Then pull the other end to tighten the knot. DONE.
Here's a another sample of the same knot.
No glue needed in this. This is VERY secure and tight.
Here's another way. This has got to be the easiest.

A few drops of super glue here to prevent any slippage.

DONE!! :-)
Hope these 4 parts of Assist Hook tying is informative. Much apologies on the blurry pictures. If you have any comments, feel free to share.


Kaki Joran said...

bro, nice tutorials you posted there..

Ken FK Yong said...

Thanks Kaki Joran :-)

Wan Izhan said...

thanks KY...very nice tutorials

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Wan Izhan, thanks :-p

Ben said...

Great Information you have here! Thanks very much. I am going to try these techniques out on some reef monsters here in Palau!