Friday, May 08, 2009

KY’s Mini Studio

How do you find these pictures of the Stella 10k? Nice? Sharp? :) IMG_2828IMG_2831IMG_2830

And here is one with a Rapala lure.IMG_2822

And the Pluton.IMG_2849 

And here’s some comparison with the BEFORE pictures. Same camera and setting.





Anyway, the NEW pictures are taken in my new mini DIY studio. I think they are sharper because of the softer more evenly distributed lighting. The OLD ones are also more grainy. And the NEW ones has sharper distribution on the object. I think it will be even better with a tripod and on timer. And much better with a DSLR. :-p

Here are the materials. White hollow boards. Tapes, single and double sided. Stapler. Blade. White smooth surface A3 paper.IMG_2815 

Trim to desired sizes and join them using the tapes. Few layer would be good.


Cut holes on the top and side for lightings. These holes need to be covered with white cloth to soften the lights. IMG_2818  

Tape the whole box up, double tape the white paper inside for the background and base, cover up the top and sides with the cloth... And JOB DONE!! :D Project budget, less than RM30 :D Number of lights pretty much depends on preference. I use 2, 1 from the top and 1 from the side. IMG_2827



Alan chan said...

That was an very good idea bro thanks for sharing.

Tight Lines.

Ken FK Yong said...

Thanks :D