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Nenasi (铁钉岛) - 27th May 2007

40 days! That's how long I stayed high and dry since my KK fishing trip. I was supposed to have gone to Nenasi couple times in the past few weeks but got caught up at work and stuffs. It was quite a tiring trip as we had to leave KL at 1am on a Sunday morning and we reached Nenasi, Pahang at around 5am. I was the part-time cum co-driver so I didn't sleep at all.

The boat ride to 铁钉岛/Nail Island took us about two and a half hours. Our main objective to 铁钉岛 was popping. But unfortunately, my only popping rod is a PE7 8 footer which I felt was WAY overkill. So I went 'light and easy' bringing my haruans outfit.

Arsenal -
1) Throlling/Bottom - G Craft Jekyll Short Rodder PE6 with Avet SX 40lbs
2) Popping/Casting - Berkley Series One (12-20lbs) with ABU Revo SX 15lbs
3) Popping/Casting - Team Daiwa Light & Tough (10-17lbs) with Shimano Technium 4000 30lbs
4) Jigging - Extreme Anglers Custom PE1.8 with Daiwa Caldia Kix 4000 30lbs

We started off the morning popping round and round 铁钉岛. On 1 of the kaki's first cast, there was already a strike but no hookup. Damn you blind fishes!! We popped for 2 hours around the island but we didn't land anything :-) Pretty normal by my standard. Hahahah...!! We had many strikes in the 2 hours and even MORE missed ones!!! DAMN YOU BLIND FISHES!!! AIM PROPERLY pls!! In the 2 hours, I had 3 missed strikes and 2 strikes but no solid hookup. 1 I suspect is Todak. Both managed to peel line from my Shimano Technium straight out for 10 seconds non-stop. the Todak jumped and flipped out my mini poppers :-p FUN!! Both lost. STILL FUN!!

After popping, we started throlling around the island. I was throlling a Rapala red head with my Short Rodder and Avet SX. On the second round, STRIKE! Shiok............!!! Tenggiri!! HAHAHAHA!!! Unfortunately, that was the only decent size fish landed the whole day. Fortunately, it was landed by ME!! 13lbs on the Boga! Kekeke... We continued throlling for an hour and proceeded on to sotong jigging around the nearby 'unjangs'.

After throlling, everyone else started bottoming and squiding, and I spent the rest of the day jigging; non-stop til 4:30pm, under the sun, with shorts and short sleeve collar T, still haven't slept, and no fish... From now on, I shall be called...KY the Burnt Jinxed Jigger :-s There were not much 'jigging' fun with this group as no one jig throughout the day. What's even worst is they started saying stuffs like 'no need to jig fish!', 'so hot outside, you crazy ah?', 'if got fish, not need to jig so long one.' Annoying.

Anyway, we headed back to land around 5:30pm and we shower at the boatman's house. It was quite funky as their bathroom don't have a door. Just a piece of cloth which keeps on swinging to the wind. I cleaned myself in 2 minutes, or was it 1?

Overall this was a happy trip. Although it was just 1 Tenggiri, it was also the ONLY decent fish landed. And I've not caught anything decent for quite a while. I guess when you're running on a dry spell, a single drop of rain is enough to send you to heaven :-)
The early sunrise The early fisherman
Approaching 铁钉岛/Nail Island
It is suppose to look like a nail from certain angle :-)
Some green eyes :-)
I think they call these 'kunyit'. This was what everyone was catching when I was jigging under the sun. And some other small fishes. Baby barracuda :-) The only fish caught on jig throughout the day. Well at least I caught something... Released to fight another day.
One of the giant green eye.
Tenggiri / Mackerel :-)
Cruising to another 'unjang'.
1 little 2 little 3 little Indians...4 little 5 little 6 little Indians...They were damn noisy...!!
Check out how burnt I am?! :-s Poor spider...

Egg York Sunset :-D And the 'lonely' tree.
This is where we always have our dinner after fishing in Pekan/Merchung/Nenasi. Its right before Kuantan. Good food. Most importantly, FAST!!

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