Friday, April 20, 2007

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - 13th April- 16th April- PT I

Its been so long since my last posting. Its been even longer since I last have a GOOD fishing trip... So miss Crystal Coral... Anyway, just placed a verbal booking for Sea Maiden I for next year April to Spratly. So at least something to look forward to for the rest of the year :-p

This KK trip was a 'blind' trip. We didn't really know what we are getting ourselves into. We thought it was a private boat but of course we were wrong. We thought it was a pure jigging trip, wrong again. We thought we will have a date with Amberjack, well we didn't. So needless to say, it was yet another disappointing trip.

Air Asia again...
This is where we spent our first nite. The rest was on the boat.
BIG FISH!!!! :-(
The boat is very spacious. And it's even more spacious when there's only 7 of us jigging around. And it became even more spacious when most didn't do much jigging as most of their confidence were crushed when the boatmen and deckhands repeatedly said 'We do bottom all the time. Jig? Seldom la...not much fish jigging la'.
Battle Station and Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Table
Mini kitchen
The boat has SO many Daiwa stickers all around...
Refilling fuel and water. This stupid process took 45 minutes.
The rusted a/c which didn't really work

Gaya Centre? Hahahahah....

- to be continue -

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