Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Air Kuning - 25th November 2006

Cruising around looking for the right spot

Interesting little 'island' in the middle of nowhere...

This is COW DUNG!!! Dung with grass!! Wicked cycle here!! The cow shit their dung...then grass grows on their dung...the cows then come back and eat the grass and complete the wicked cycle!!

Wish I caught this... :-p

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Semenyih - 11th November 2006

Tackle Setup
Rod - Berkley Series One, 6', 6-10lb, Spinning & 6', 15-20lb, BC
Reel - Ryobi Zauber 2000 & Shimano Cardiff 100
Line - 10lbs & 20lbs Kumo braid
Leader - Sufix Invinsiline 15lbs
Lure - Yo-Zuri Duel Zombi Crank
& Yo-Zuri Rattl' N Vibe Ghost Shad

Haruan, haruan, and more haruan...

Semenyih - 4th November 2006


Semenyih - 25th Oct 2006

Haruan on lures

Lures and Jigs

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kedah, Yan - 28th & 29th October

Along the way

The boat

The spot

Baby Dorado - Landed on 10lb setup - SUPER FUN!

Overall catch
Tenggiri - Kembong casting
Todak - Balloon drift live kembong, fillet free drift, popping
Talang/Queenfish - Jigging & Popping
Grouper - whole kembong bottom
Dorado - fillet free drift

The end

Brunei - Siakap

Sea Lion - Klang

First time to Sea Lion with few kakis. Results were not bad for a first timer :-p Started off really slow. Fished for 5 hours and all these were landed during the 4th hour.

Air Kuning - 10th September 2006

After months of sea fishing, finally back to fresh :-o Damn these PBs are fun!! Especially on mini poppers with 10lb setup!

Peacock Bass on Popper

Pulau Jarak Jigging Trip - 25th & 27th August 2006

Purely jigging trip. There were a couple of kakis doing bottom. But 90% of the time, everyone was jigging. I jigged none stop for 2 days. Only slept 2 hours the first day. Not much ppl saw me slept. All they saw during the 2 days was me constantly jigging. One even said I should get an award for being the most 'hardworking'. Total knockout after the trip. :-p

Big Eye Trevally