Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fisherman Kyoro Jig

Fisherman Kyoro Jig

Bought this couple months back from Fishingline Tackle in Permas Jaya, JB. I'm slowly believing that jigs & lures are designed to catch Anglers. When I saw this jig, I was like 'Hey! That's something different. Shape and colour.' Used it once in Jarak but didn't yield any results yet. Very minimal resistance when jigging. Hope to land something with it soon.


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Shimano Ocea Waterproof Binder Case

Shimano Ocea Waterproof Binder Case - from Plat. Wanted to get the Shout! Assist Case but there were no stock around, and didn't feel like waiting. And it goes nicely with the Shimano Ocea Jig Bag. Anyway, I've always used a photo album to keep all my pre-tied hooks, leaders & assist hooks. Cheap cheap good good, most of time. The only problem is they are not exactly waterproof. And of course, not as durable.

Shimano Ocea

PVC waterproof cloth

OCEA - Specially designed for saltwater fishing to deliver outstanding quality and features. SHIMANO.Sticky to hold the case together.Holds 10 waterproof plastic bags. Don't seem to be replaceable...

And mesh pockets on both sides.
Waterproof zipper.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shimano Ocea Jig Bag

Got this jig bag from Plat. Actually, part of it is from Angler's Pro Shop. This will replace the one I bought from Plat a while back. It comes with a detachable jig bag that holds different sizes. The default one it comes with holds Small and Medium jigs. I also purchased a separate one which holds Medium and Long jigs, from APS. One of the best part of the Ocea jig bag is they all fit nicely into the Shout! Jigger Bag and also Plano's Flipsider Base Station.

Shimano OceaAs usual, they always have a front pouch. Good for chucking the kevlars, hooks, swivels or pliers, etc.OCEAThe clip that hold it together.
You can adjust the strap to give you more room for the jigs and also the other 1 or 2 Ocea jig bags. Cross stitching and button to give the handle strap durability.
The wrap that wraps the handle straps.Close up shot of the front pouch.
Here are the jigs compartments. Care to count how many it holds? :-p
Some pros and cons on the jig compartments. The elastic that holds the jig is a bit tight. Good that it holds them tightly so they won't drop out. Bad that it'll be harder for fatter jigs like Ever Green's Caprices to be slotted in; not mission impossible... just mission difficult.
The 'holder' that holds the separate jig bag.

Will definitely need some dosage of WD40 or smtg to prevent rust.
Here are some close up shots of the separate jig bag. This is the one from APS.
OCEA - Specially designed for saltwater fishing to deliver outstanding quality and featuers. SHIMANO.

If you fancy the bag and don't wanna get them online, it's also available at FishingLine Tackle and Fisherman in JB, Permas Jaya. Went down there a couple times in the past few months and got bunch of stuffs too. So stay tune for some mini reviews on those stuffs :D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Celebration of 730!!!

This blog is officially 1051200 seconds / 17520 hours / 730 days / 2 years old!! And this is post number 141!! :D Yoohoo!!!! Blink of an eye… :D

Hmmm… I have 1 question… actually I have a few questions.

Who are you? Yes… you! The YOU who is reading this now.

Where are you from?
How did you get here?
Why are you here?
Are you a regular or are you new?
How often are you here?

I know from Google Analytics that I have, in the past 2 years, 54,000 visitors. And of which, 44% are RETURNING and 56% are NEW. I also know 46% are from Google direct search and 16% are direct traffic. My top referrer is Krazie Fishie who's accountable for 4.25% of total traffic (Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak KF). Surprisingly, the keyword that resulted in the most visit, is ‘Xzoga’ :-o 2nd being ‘KY Jigging’ and 3rd ‘Shimano Nasci’.

Anyway… I just want to know more… I’m just so curious as to who are YOU really.

And more importantly, I ALSO want to know your opinions of this blog. How would you rate it in the areas of contents/pictures/layout/etc.?

So… On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Outstandingly Bestest, and 1 being Cacated/Crappy, how would you rate the following?

Quality of Contents/Write up -
Usefulness of contents -
Quality of pictures -
Angles & Framing of pictures -
Layout / Colours of blog -
Frequency of updates -

Please provide feedback/comments on each of the above.

What else do you think should be rated? Please list and rate.
What else do you think I should blog about?
How do you think I can make the blog better?

There you go…the few questions I have in mind. So if you are reading this, please take the time to cut and paste the above and answer them in the comments.

I’ve been wanting to make changes to the blog, make it better, more appealing. 2 years ago, it all started off as just a past time to post some pictures and write some thoughts. Gradually, I realise there are people out there who finds the blog informative; and of course there are some who finds it nothing but showing off. But hey, like I said, it’s a past time that I enjoy. And if you find the blog to your liking, why not help me make it better… so there you have it… HELP!!! :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hot's Wei World 48 XXH

New toy from Angler's Pro Shop. Bought this few months back - Hot's Wei World - 48XXH. PE 8 and max jig weight of 500g.

2 words - POWERFUL & SUPER LIGHT :-p ok...3... And it has one of my favorite features in a rod - short; 4'8''.

HOT'S - Ultimate Pro's Gear


Wei World 48XXH - For the Ranyu Special

Stiletto - 2nd Generation

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canon IXUS 870IS

After 6 years of hard labour, countless holiday and fishing trips and countless macro shots for the blog, my Pentax Optio S finally took his last breath couple months back. Back then, it was the tiniest and slimmest, going head on with the Casio Exilim. And the resolution, a humble 3.2 mega pixels with 3 times optical zoom and 5 digital. And with a price tag of RM1800... it's totally throat cutting compared to the prices of digital cameras nowadays.

The lens just didn't wanna retract... and it won't power on...Digital Camera - Optio SSome cosmetic deterioration here and there. Other than that, its SHARP SHARP.View finder and a tiny tiny screen...
The rubber that attaches the battery cover finally gave way too...

And my new baby...Champaign Gold... Canon IXUS 870IS.
DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor - Advanced Face Detection Technology - Quick Mode - Hi-ISO Auto with Motion Detection Technology - 28mm Wide Angle - 10.0 Megapixel CCD - 4X Optical Zoom - Optical Image Stabiliser - Captivating Moving Visuals - 3" PureColor II LCD - 19 Creative Shooting Modes
Big ass screen...of course not as big as Sony's touchscreen which covers the entire back panel...
Few quick notes on this camera. The macro shots are definitely sharper compared to its competitors, and it also comes with Digital Macro. And the overall picture quality is sharper without being too over the top vivid, ie real. And a function worth bringing up is the Self Timer Face Detection. It's a timer that will only snap when a new SMILING face enters the frame. So you can take your time and walk in frame, pose...chill...light a ciggie...sip a beer and... SMILE and *SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP*, 3 continuous pictures will be taken. Funky :-D

Here's a review on CNET.