Friday, November 28, 2008

Shimano Ocea Jig Bag

Got this jig bag from Plat. Actually, part of it is from Angler's Pro Shop. This will replace the one I bought from Plat a while back. It comes with a detachable jig bag that holds different sizes. The default one it comes with holds Small and Medium jigs. I also purchased a separate one which holds Medium and Long jigs, from APS. One of the best part of the Ocea jig bag is they all fit nicely into the Shout! Jigger Bag and also Plano's Flipsider Base Station.

Shimano OceaAs usual, they always have a front pouch. Good for chucking the kevlars, hooks, swivels or pliers, etc.OCEAThe clip that hold it together.
You can adjust the strap to give you more room for the jigs and also the other 1 or 2 Ocea jig bags. Cross stitching and button to give the handle strap durability.
The wrap that wraps the handle straps.Close up shot of the front pouch.
Here are the jigs compartments. Care to count how many it holds? :-p
Some pros and cons on the jig compartments. The elastic that holds the jig is a bit tight. Good that it holds them tightly so they won't drop out. Bad that it'll be harder for fatter jigs like Ever Green's Caprices to be slotted in; not mission impossible... just mission difficult.
The 'holder' that holds the separate jig bag.

Will definitely need some dosage of WD40 or smtg to prevent rust.
Here are some close up shots of the separate jig bag. This is the one from APS.
OCEA - Specially designed for saltwater fishing to deliver outstanding quality and featuers. SHIMANO.

If you fancy the bag and don't wanna get them online, it's also available at FishingLine Tackle and Fisherman in JB, Permas Jaya. Went down there a couple times in the past few months and got bunch of stuffs too. So stay tune for some mini reviews on those stuffs :D

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