Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canon IXUS 870IS

After 6 years of hard labour, countless holiday and fishing trips and countless macro shots for the blog, my Pentax Optio S finally took his last breath couple months back. Back then, it was the tiniest and slimmest, going head on with the Casio Exilim. And the resolution, a humble 3.2 mega pixels with 3 times optical zoom and 5 digital. And with a price tag of RM1800... it's totally throat cutting compared to the prices of digital cameras nowadays.

The lens just didn't wanna retract... and it won't power on...Digital Camera - Optio SSome cosmetic deterioration here and there. Other than that, its SHARP SHARP.View finder and a tiny tiny screen...
The rubber that attaches the battery cover finally gave way too...

And my new baby...Champaign Gold... Canon IXUS 870IS.
DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor - Advanced Face Detection Technology - Quick Mode - Hi-ISO Auto with Motion Detection Technology - 28mm Wide Angle - 10.0 Megapixel CCD - 4X Optical Zoom - Optical Image Stabiliser - Captivating Moving Visuals - 3" PureColor II LCD - 19 Creative Shooting Modes
Big ass screen...of course not as big as Sony's touchscreen which covers the entire back panel...
Few quick notes on this camera. The macro shots are definitely sharper compared to its competitors, and it also comes with Digital Macro. And the overall picture quality is sharper without being too over the top vivid, ie real. And a function worth bringing up is the Self Timer Face Detection. It's a timer that will only snap when a new SMILING face enters the frame. So you can take your time and walk in frame, pose...chill...light a ciggie...sip a beer and... SMILE and *SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP*, 3 continuous pictures will be taken. Funky :-D

Here's a review on CNET.

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