Saturday, December 06, 2008

Shimano Ocea Waterproof Binder Case

Shimano Ocea Waterproof Binder Case - from Plat. Wanted to get the Shout! Assist Case but there were no stock around, and didn't feel like waiting. And it goes nicely with the Shimano Ocea Jig Bag. Anyway, I've always used a photo album to keep all my pre-tied hooks, leaders & assist hooks. Cheap cheap good good, most of time. The only problem is they are not exactly waterproof. And of course, not as durable.

Shimano Ocea

PVC waterproof cloth

OCEA - Specially designed for saltwater fishing to deliver outstanding quality and features. SHIMANO.Sticky to hold the case together.Holds 10 waterproof plastic bags. Don't seem to be replaceable...

And mesh pockets on both sides.
Waterproof zipper.

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