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Pekan – May 09

The never ending love and hate relationship with Pekan is back, once again! Why love and hate… Hahahaha… Sometimes Can lo… Last trip was a good one with the big ass Cobia on PE1 setup. This trip was quite ‘ice kosong’ for me. But fortunately, it was just me… :D

First morning, we spotted this… POLIS!!! Cute… :-p IMG_3044

And nearby, is our boat. :) Thank god its not cute…IMG_3045

It was a cloudy day throughout which started off with a downpour. While having breakfast, it rained heavily for 20minutes. Good thing it stopped. But the wind was blowing so we had to chill at the jetty for a good 20 minutes to wait for the wind to subside.

Our Captain, Ah Boy, took us to the nearby spot to jig and live baiting with prawns. And within an hour, Suynia landed the jackpot of DAY 1!! Check out the way she stare at her catch!


And here is Ah Tong, whom we called Elvis Presley, 猫王, King of Cats, before boarding the boat. But shortly after Suynia, he dethroned himself with a jackpot Ang Kor/Parrot Fish.


And here is Loui with 1 of his many Ang Kor/Parrot Fish. IMG_3052

And here are some of my catches… IMG_3049

Slightly bigger than the previous one… I landed a few of such sizes… :-D Couldn’t bother to take pictures after that. Luckily, Green Eyes were quite cooperative so I kept myself entertained.IMG_3050 Since I didn’t catch much, tumpang glamour a bit… :D IMG_3059

And as usual… FRESH SEA FOOD!!! :D :D :D Steam Ang Kor/Parrot Fish!IMG_3061

Fried Calamari.IMG_3062 - Copy Nyonya Steam Diamond Trevally.IMG_3065

And Steam Green Eyes!IMG_3063

And here is our ex 猫王 with his Parrot Teeth… he’s super happy has he’s been a 猫王 for quite long… IMG_3064 And here is DAY 2! I spotted a stick floating beside the boat and smtg soft stuck to it. Was staring at it for 5 seconds before realising its an octopus. So I picked it up and put it in the live well. Later in the day we drop it down live baiting hoping to land some giant, only to be whacked by an eel!!IMG_3067 IMG_3068

And here is MY Diamond Trevally!!! Hahaha… Boy’s brother, Ah Loong tagged along on the 2nd day. And in the afternoon, he hooked a live prawn to his jig and dropped it down. And it got whacked! Knowing I haven’t landed anything decent, Ah Boy took it from him and gave it to me. :D:D:D:D Takkan la I’m gonna say ‘No thank you…’. :D:D:D:DIMG_3071

Later in the day, the champion from Day 1 was crowned Champion once again. And a well deserved one!! At around 3 smtg, we were all taking a break from the burning sun and windless sea, sipping Milo and 100+ and puffing away, while Suynia was jigging her ass off alone under the sun!! And she was nicely rewarded… :)IMG_3073

9kg Diamond Trevally!IMG_3076 IMG_3074

Other than the hijacked Diamond Trevally, the only close call I had was twice with Jackson’s Pintail. Once while retrieving, I had a hard take but no hook up register. I think maybe because I only had 1 treble. But still… that’s like THREE hooks! The lure came back with a few stripes of deep teeth marks. Another close call, was a lost lure when the Pintail was sinking.

And that concludes our trip :D