Monday, March 16, 2009

Pekan - March 2009

It's that time of the year again and monsoon at the east coast is coming to an end. Was trying to book a trip with Azhar but repeated calls were answered with 'Fully booked'. Coincidently, while shopping at Sykt Kepong few weeks back, I bumped into Loui and Suynia (ex colleague). And they told me they are going to Pekan in 2 weeks time and if I'm keen, I can join them. And out came the usual respond 'ON LA!!'.

Shall let the pictures do the story telling...

Brought some Wasabi for some Green Eyes sashimi... but our boatman Ah Boy said that getting a green eye at this time is like hitting jackpot. So we didn't bother trying our luck...
NN's first fish on jig!!!
The Hercules of the sea... Ang Kor / Parrot Fish.
NN waiting for her Ang
Here's Loui with his big ass Ang Kor. We named him 'The Diving Jigger'. While taking a pee at the front of the boat, a sudden wave hit the boat and he took a dive into the sea. Gave us a shock... Luckily the boat was anchored so he resurfaced the same spot he went in... Jackpot Cobia of the trip!!!
Seriously... check out the rod... Sabel Dance PE 1!!!!
It went from left...
To right...
Down under...
And left again...
Big ass COBIA!!!

And as usual, upon sighting the 'predators', the prey took off...
"This is gonna take a while..."
Pump and Pump!!
Here's our boatman, Ah Boy, giving us a lecture on the sprinting pattern of Cobia...
And we got spectators too... :-D
Ah Boy - "Shall I knock the Cobia?"
KY - "&$@#! You knock it's gonna go flying la!! I very tired liow!!"
Ah Boy - "I know!!! Hahahaha... shiok ma!!!"
"Hmmm... I think I need to sit down... tired a bit...""AAaaahhhhh...."

"Oh shit... it's going the other way again... need to get off my a$$..."
KY - "Boy! It's coming your way!!!"
KY - "Wait wait... it's going under... AGAIN!!"
KY - "UP UP UP!!!"
KY - "BOY!!! Very heavy la!!! No strength liow... HELP!!"KY - "Thank you ah!! Take off my cap also pls..."Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! 20 over pounds Cobia on Sabel Dance PE1!!!! The rod KICK ASS!!!!!!!!

Overall, it was a very good trip. We had multiple takes on jigs and baits! Unfortunately, we were so jinxed throughout the trip. Multiple bust offs, cut offs, sangkuts, etc etc from jigging and bottom. NN got her first fish on jig, so that was totally cool. She had a major take on jig on the first day where lines were peeling from her Caldia Kix, but being inexperience, she didn't set the hook. And she had a even bigger take when bottoming with crab for Ang Kor. The Jekyll Short Rodders took a massive bend and instinctively, she lifted the rod sky high to set hook. And the leader gave way and the rod hit the roof of the boat big time. I had several takes, lines peeling and stopped halfway, reeling in steadily and line went loose, all sort of nonsense la!! But all and all, it was good. Fishes were co-operative, our luck and skills weren't...

And thumbs up for Ah Boy, our boatman. Definitely one of the most hardworking boatman I've ever came across. Everytime we sangkut, he'll rush over to help us. When we tangle up, he'll come. When we need prawns or crabs, he'll chop for us. Everytime we change spot, it was initiated by him. Here's his number if you are interested - 0139337455.

And MAJOR thumbs up for Golden Mean's Sabel Dance!! The rod totally kick ass!!! When I first bought it, I was a bit skeptical as it was really soft. But surprisingly, it had the backbone to do the job. And I finally found their official website... GOLDEN MEAN.


Bruce said...

ONZ la are now officially the COBIA KING akkakakakakakakakkakaka CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...


Is the Spinning Sabel Dance PE1 or PE2?


Ken FK Yong said...

This is the PE1 :)

Anonymous said...

Oic thanks,

Cos I thought your spinning was PE2 and your Multiplier one was PE1.

Been enjoying your blog for quite some time, hope to see more updates.


Ken FK Yong said...

:) Both also PE1. I have a PE2, that's Sabel dance 2 :)

Anonymous said...

Hi KF Yong,

sable dance is too fast for me. The stiffness and the jig weight limit do not come together, in my opinion.
how long time you play till the cobia on board?

Ah Kai

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Ah Kai,

I do agree with u :)

it was around 12 minutes.