Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Poseidon - Ever Green Custom Saltwater Rod

Ever Green International - Poseidon - Spin Jerker - Saltwater Jigging Rod Series

- Length : 6'3'', Max Jig Weight : 3oz, PE Max : 2 -

New light jigging setup :-) Perfect match with the Stella C3000.

Spin Jerker Light - Saltwater Jigging Rod Series

Very long split between the butt and the reel seat.

Bonanza Coating, have no idea what is this. Got it from the website. :-s

Non-slip Coating Reel Seat
Took a silver marker and drop some ink into the Fuji word. Matches the silver ring on the lock nut.
And gold marker for the gold ring on the opposite side :-p
EverGreen - Poseidon

Titan Coating Stainless Frame & SIC Guide
Matched with Stella C3000 '07, 200m of 15lbs Xzoga braid.

Spin Jerker Light - Saltwater Jigging Rod Series

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