Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shout! - Jigger II VS Expedition

Help a friend got the Shout! Expedition Bag a week ago. So before passing it to him, took some pictures with the Shout! Jigger Bag II for some comparison. I think the name says it all; the Expedition Bag is more for an expedition (duh...) of longer duration while the Jigger Bag II would be more suitable for 1/2 days trip. One of the beauty of both the bags is the 'Just Fit System'; where you can fit in few of the other Shout! products perfectly. On top of that, the Jigger Bag II is also perfect for fitting most of Plano's hard boxes.

Expedition VS Jigger
Noticeably, the Expedition is bigger than the Jigger.
It comes with a detachable hard top for added protection, and an additional detachable front pouch.
The sides have stitched handles for lifting the bag.
'Shout! Fisherman's Tool' - Right underneath the top cover when open is another pouch for storage.
The interior is made up of a hard plastic case. Unfortunately, it does not have any separator.
The detachable top cover.

Here is the Shout! Jigger Bag II, with a Plano tackle box, tucked nicely.
2 tackle boxes.
Here's another combination.
The separator to secure the boxes so they don't slide around.
And it still leaves enough space for reels, or another stuffs like gloves, fighting belts, etc.

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