Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pulau Jarak - 8th & 9th September 2007

Last month was a very hectic month with 3 back to back trips; Wreck at Indon border, Merchung & Rompin. And I thought September would be a more tone down month. Unfortunately after 2 weekends at home, I just couldn't take it anymore. So on a Friday morning, I decided to go on a 2D2N trip which leaves town in the evening. So during lunch, I rushed home from office and packed my ass off.

This was a trip organised by Kenny Chee of Extreme Anglers / Fook Soon. So right after work, I drove to Kenny's shop and wait for everyone to arrive before leaving town to the jetty somewhere In Sitiawan. We arrived at the jetty around 11:20pm and by midnight, we were already cruising out to Jarak.

The boat is very comfortable with a lot of sleeping areas; downstairs we have a double decker, a room with a couple of mattresses, a small living room with sofa and mattresses and also TV and VCD player, all of which are air-conditioned. And outside we have 2 shower rooms, common areas, rod holders up on the ceiling, railings surrounding the boat; ultimate essentials for jiggers. And lastly on the upper deck is another sleeping area, with 2 benches outside.

We reached the first spot around 4am and by then, I was already half dead as I couldn't sleep throughout the journey. So after jigging for around 10 minutes, I retreated back to the double decker and slept. The next day woke up around 7am, grabbed some fried mee and started jigging.

Overall, the trip was a fruitful one for those who are 'hardworking'. Because the action was a bit slow throughout, so you have to have your jigs constantly in the water to get results. Will post pictures of the catch in the next posting. So for now, just some pictures of the boat.

Our tiny little kitchen.

Upper deck and sleeping area.

2 split units to cool the lower deck.

Hmmm...for your sunbathing needs?
Water tank for our calls of nature.
Antenna and spot lights.
This is the lower deck with the double deck on the left, room on the right. Further in front is the small living room with the sofa and TV. As usual, the gaya centre...

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