Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pulau Jarak - 8th & 9th September 2007 - Pt II

Here are some of the catch that was captured on camera. will kinda noticed most of the pictures were just 3 person; Darren, Alex & Wee Lee from Singapore. They were the most productive jiggers of the trip. What's the secret to their productiveness you wonder. Simple; they jig their ass off throughout, and cast too. A combination of hardwork, the right setups (rods, reels & jigs) made the difference for them. Hats off totally.

Alex with his 'Double hook-ups'!! :-DDarren in action.
Jemuduk (i think) landed on Evergreen Javeline 140g.
Wee Lee wrestling his GT.
GT on IMA RO 60gME ME ME!!! :-D Hehehehehe... Jackpot GT of the trip! Taken on IMA RO 100g. Gave a very SHIOK first run.
Wee Lee with another GT. Nice reel...Daiwa Morethan Branzino. The sound of lines peeling out of this reel is REALLY something. The jig, IMA RO 60g.
Darren fighting a GT on the upper deck.
Check out the Branzino...nice reel.
Darren with the only Tenggiri of the trip.
The Star Jig of the trip, IMA RO 60g.
Kenny of Extreme Anglers with his GT.
Darren's GT on IMA RO 100g.
Darren again. :-p With his Baby Grouper. The jig, IMA RO again.
Darren with his Ang Choh.
Wee Lee with his fair share of Ang Choh action. The jig, IMA RO 60g.
Darren having fun with light tackle, Golden Mean Sabel Dance rod, PE1-2.
And the results, Ang Choh on IMA RO 60g.
Darren with his Barracuda.
Alex with his Big Eye.
Here's 4sun from MFN.
Wee Lee with yet another Baby GT.
Alex with another Baby GT.
Here are some of the catch from bottom fishing, done by the boatman; Spotted Stingray.

Part of the boatmen's catches.

Overall, the trip was partially productive. I can't complain because I landed the biggest GT. But then again, that's my 1 and only fish. :-p Anyway, going to an interesting discovery from the trip; IMA RO jigs. Was really impressed with the performance of this jig throughout the trip. It totally outfished the other jigs. But of course, the right presentation is still the key. But more importantly is when you are jigging your ass off, you want to KNOW that you are jigging the right jig. You want to jig with full confidence knowing your jig is giving the right action.
So in conclusion, if you want to have a productive trip - i) Jig like robocop. The longer your jig stays in the water, the higher you chance of getting a strike. ii) Jig with the right setup (rod & reel). There is a reason why there are so many different types of reels and rods. It's all about specialisation. iii) Jig with the right presentation. It's all about giving the right action to the jig with your presentation. iv) Jig the right jig. v) And lastly, don't just jig. Cast too!!! :-p

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