Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fuji Hook Keeper

Bought this Fuji hook keeper from Sabre Tackle yesterday. Been looking for this hook keeper everywhere for quite a while. Finally found it at the rod components section at Sabre. Thought they should have put it at the accessories section, although the box itself says 'Rod Components'.
Strongly recommend this item especially if you do a lot of sea fishing. It lets you keep your assist hooks or squid jigs or any other hooks firmly inplace. I know a lot of ppl (including myself) always keep their hooks of any sorts at/around the guides of their rods. Not recommended. 1stly you run a risk of scratching your rings especially with used hooks which surfaces are slightly rusted and rough. It may just be a tiny scratch but imagine your lines running past that scratch when you are fighting your prized GT. Secondly, be it SIC or whatever brand, you run a risk of rusting or staining your frames over time.

EHKM-B. B stands for Black i think. It also comes in red where the product code is EHKM-R.
The hook keeper and the rubberband, which comes in 2 sizes, to hold the hook keeper to your rod.
The bigger rubberband fits nicely with the Tenryu JigZam PE3-5. Unfortunately, most of my medium-heavy jigging assist hooks are quite big and it doesn't fit.

The smaller rubberband fits perfectly on the EverGreen Poseidon Spin Jerker.

And the smaller assist hooks fits nicely to the hook keeper. :-)

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