Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Daiwa Caldia Kix 4000

My first choice for light and/or medium jigging :-)

A reasonably priced made in Japan reel. Smooth. Good drag. Handsome. And of course, the RCS Knob is a must have :-p

Got my RCS Knob from HK (thank you Bikergrrl!!!) as when I bought the reel, I couldn't find it anywhere in M'sia. Only recently, they have tons of it in Sykt Kepong. Do note, out of the box, the knob does not come with a bearing; which is a must have.

Reel's loaded with 300m of 30lbs Power Pro braid, matched with Extreme Angler Customs PE 1.8 jigging rod.


Anonymous said...

how much does the reel cost u?

Solutions Provider said...

Hello may i know where you get your knob... as you said from HK. how?