Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Extreme Anglers Custom - PE1.8 Jigging Rod

Just got back my jigging rod from Kenny Chee of 'Fook Soon'. Sent it in a month ago to replace the ring which broke during my Kedah trip.

The trip started off slow with everyone casting kembong for tengirri while I was the only one jigging. After half an hour of jigging, I noticed some commotion on the surface not far ahead and I flipped my jig pass the boil. Let it sink shortly and I started jigging, and STRIKE! :-) 1st catch of the day, Queenfish/Talang. Unhook the fish, flip and jig again, STRIKE! Another Queenfish/Talang successfully landed. I was the only one enjoying the frenzy as no one else had their jigs ready. But of course, after landing 3/4 fishes, I already have jigging neighbours on my left and right. So I move to the back of the boat to cast side way out. And this is when it happened.

The ring broke when I flipped out the jig!! Worst part was, it was a 2-day trip, and that was my only jigging stick. Am not really sure why it broke, but I think most likely it was because my bimini was a bit 'fat'. So when I flipped, it bummed the ring and caused it to break.

So anyway, sorry for the super delay catch report. Didn't post any pics of this rod when I first bought it, so here we are.

This is my favourite light jigging rod. Light and strong backbone. And love the colour! Come to think bout it, I already have 3 red colour rods :-p

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