Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daiwa Saltiga Deep 55B

Feeling nostalgic and bored over the weekend. So was doing a lot of photo taking. This time, it's my heavy jigging rod, Daiwa Saltiga Deep 55B. Have only used this rod twice, Maldives & Merpati. Will definitely be bringing it with me to Burma Banks end of the year.

Simple designs

Daiwa :-D

Bias Construction Blank
Double locking :-)

- Here are the specs of the rod -
Model Number - SG DEEP 55B
Length - 5'5''
Jig Wt. - 270g - 330g
Max Line - PE6


Anonymous said...

hi , came across your blog while surfing for information on saltiga deep 55B or xzoga takadum 150-59

was wondering whether you can advise me on buying which one to go for deep sea in south china sea.

KYFK said...

Hi Felix...honestly I can't really give you much comments on both the Saltiga and Xzoga. Mainly because I rarely use both of them. Infact, I've never caught anything with the Xzoga yet. :-p But both are equally good rods. Are you looking for a heavy jigging rod? Budget? You around here? I'm actually planning to sell my Xzoga. And maybe the Saltiga too.

Anonymous said...

i have added you on msn.... but din see you online ..

i am not really into jigging
more to bottom fishing ... pardon me coz i dun really know the terms quite well for off shore fishing ya :)