Thursday, October 04, 2007

Golden Mean - Sabel Dance

Was on the phone with Chong, boatman from Sitiawan, few weeks back and he mentioned to me a customer of his was using a very light and stiff jigging rod. He couldn't remember the name but he does remember the striking blue colour of the entire reel and also the reel seat. Instantly, I asked him 'Is it Golden Mean, Sabel Dance?'. And he said 'Ya Ya Ya!!!'. And I told him I could get it for him at a good price. 2 days later, he called up and told me to get 1 for him, and bring it to him during my Raya trip. So here are some pictures and specs of the rod. If you interested, send me an email or something. :-)

SABEL DANCE - GOLDEN MEAN CUSTOM SALTWATER ROD. One way or another, Golden Mean is related to Ever Green. Don't ask me how... :-p
Grip end cap.
Fuji DPS reel seat.
Jig Weight: 4oz (120g). PE Line: 2. Length: 6'. Although the PE rating is low/light, it's jig weight is quite high. And as light and thin as the rod is, it has the lifting power for heavy jigs and bigger fishes. Perfect for places like Pekan, Rompin, and even Jarak.
Fuji Stainless Frame & SIC Ring Guide.


Anonymous said...

Hi, finally your blog is alive again!

Anonymous said...

hi... been looking at kepong for this rod but could't find any of it...mind telling me where and how $ you got it?

KYFK said...

Try OceanTackle in Sri Kembangan.

ALternatively, you can try Darren. 0122203607. He may have stock. Give him a call.

Anonymous said...

Can get it in JB?

KYFK said...

JB really no idea wor... but definitely Singapore... Next door only ma.


•eD-mH• said...

Hi Ken, chanced upon your blog while goggling for information on jigging.

Very nicely written reviews on some tackles that you have come in touch with or come to own.

Reading that you are located in KL, I might be station in KL beginning Mid 2012, will be nice to make a new friend in KL, especially with the same interest in fishing.

I am from Singapore btw =)