Friday, September 11, 2009

Angel Reborn

After 1 week of waiting, Angel is finally ready for collection…

Here I am… inching towards him…IMG_3869

Almost ready… just some last minute add ons.IMG_3870 Bidding farewell to my sports car that has served me 7 long rough years… and never once fail me… 八仔… THANK YOU!!! And hope you find a nice owner, who’d clean you more often.IMG_3872  And OFF we go :) For some PIMPING!!! :DIMG_3874The last thing that Edmund told me before I leave the showroom was… ‘Remember… DIESEL…’.IMG_3873 Here we are, ORE @ Batu Caves. The owner Kelvin is good. Highly recommended; contact him @ 0123300333.IMG_3877  IMG_3876Pedal Lock for added security!! (Lock-tech I think…)IMG_3879 Rims… WHITE???IMG_3887 OR BLACK???IMG_3888 After much much much consideration…IMG_3889 JENG JENG JENG!!!!!IMG_3894IMG_3891  IMG_3895 IMG_3896 IMG_3898 IMG_3899


ALL DONE UP!!! (for now) :D More detail pictures OTW.

I think this is 1st 2009 Facelift Mitsubishi Triton on the road. All thanks to Edmund at Mitsubishi. Contact him @ 0193386116 if you are looking for Mitsubishi cars. He’s based in Shah Alam.


JT said...

Boss, you named your car? Good choice on the colour and the name fits the colour.. sweet.. ;)

BREWST said...

Akakakakkakakak Congratulations on the new fishing machine bro! one thing....dontcha think you should have not informed ppl that you have a paddle lock? akakkakakakakakakakka

KYFK said...

I HAVE PADDLE LOCK!!! So please don't break my window!! :|