Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pekan - Light Jigging - 13th August 2006

1 of 2 fishes caught. Both on jig. One after another. By the same angler. 2nd one smaller. Both were caught in the 1st 30 minutes of jigging! :-)

After the 2nd fish was landed, which was around 9am, I slept til 3pm :-)

Water was VERY VERY choppy. The journey out to the fishing location was half an hour longer. And that's like 1 hour 30 minutes of roller coastal ride! By the time we reach the first location, I was already half dead. So after landing 2 fishes in a row, I thought to myself 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED'...and down I went til 3pm. All the other 3 anglers KO one after another. 2 vomitted.

The choppiness never subside so by 3pm, we were already on dry land.

Golden Trevally with Duel 40g Jig

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