Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Temenggor - 23rd June - 25th June - Pt I

This trip was planned almost 2 months ago. After so many disappointing trips, I've given up on the anticipation part of most trips. Usually, before my trips, I'll be really excited and kept on thinking what and how much I'll catch and all. Not anymore. 2 months ago, my friend called and asked if I wanna go Temenggor, I asked how much and just said 'Go! Go! Go!'. And didn't think about it ever since then. :-)

We (4 of us) left KL on the 22nd June (Friday) evening and drove all the way to Gerik to spend the nite. Another group is leaving KL the next day at 6am. We stopever at Ipoh for some Ipoh Chicken and taugeh.
Here are some pictures from the journey. :-)

Right opposite where we had our dinner/supper, a biscuit shop with very bright and delicious biscuits!
Looks really nice. So we bought some for to Temenggor.

This is where we had our tauge & chicken. Supposedly one of the better ones.

20 years ago, income tax people came here and sat at their shop to count how many chicken heads they chopped in a day. They stopped counting at 100 and told the owner to start declaring income tax or close shop. :-o
Chicken, tauge and flat noodles. :-) taste normal to me...
This is where we spent the nite in Gerik. RM65 with 2 double beds and 2 single beds. Cheap cheap good good. We checked in around 12 midnight.
Approaching Temenggor.
The moment we reached, we were all pretty shocked. Check out the water level. The canteen and toilets were all submerged under water. High water level is never good when you fish at a dam because the fish too spread out.

Our transportation to the boat house :-) we were joined by 3/4 other groups, families, friends, couples, etc.
-to be continue-

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