Friday, March 30, 2007

Shimano Calcutta Conquest 200

1st new member of the 2007 family!! The much much much anticipated one :-)

Ever since I bought my first baitcaster a while back (Shimano Cardiff 100) I've loooooong for a Conquest. Simply love the holes all over the reels. It's just so different compared to the many baitcasters out there. So last night was maximum 'kodak moment' snapping pictures of my new baby from all angles!!

The moment of truth... :-D
14lbs Stren Super Braid. Have never used this before. Wanted to get the Power Pro Phantom Red but they don't have stock.
The entire package. 'Leather' bag, oil, pins for the variable brake system, manuals and most importantly, THE Shimano Calcutta CONQUEST!! :-)
Shimano Calcutta Conquest 200 :-)


HOLES everywhere!!! Temporarily matched with my Berkley Series One.

The knob to loosen the side plate.
Pops out once the knob is loosen.
The Shimano Variable Brake System, SVS.

Loosen the cap, and out comes the spool

Seriously can't wait to cast it and land something with it. ANYTHING!!!


Scotty said...

bloody nice looking reel!!!
as usual shimano australia are very slow with the latest gear and that means if i want the best its usually taking a leap of faith by buying overseas.

do you have the physical dimensions of this reel, particularly the width? and how much braid did it fit?

i'm still deciding whether to get the 200 or 400?!

Anonymous said...

Do what I did, and get a 300 !