Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Xzoga Takadum - PE 5-6

Another new jigging rod :-p

Ordered this 2 months back on 1st January 2007.

Blank - Xzoga Takadum, Taka-G 58
PE - 5 - 6
Max jig - 250g
Length - 5'8''
Load Test - 16kg
Theme - Deep Blue Sea :-p

The quality of rod bag and colour is simple and nice.

Main partner - Daiwa Saltist 40 with 50lbs braid.

The colour of the Avet would match nicely. But it's a bit too small.

Accurate, a bit too big. Felt like I was playing with Barbie dolls...


Anonymous said...

whoaaa...nice short rodder! Something I like to have too.

Got from where ah? Kepong or S'pore?

Estimated price?

KYFK said...

Few hundreds only :) Malaysia...not convenient to reveal too much...soli soli :p

Anonymous said...

why u being such a prick?

KYFK said...

Prick? That's heavy :-o

Assuming your hostility is due to the secretiveness, you can check out the deal at Fisherzone. The price is similar to that.

And would appreciate if you can be less hostile in the future as I don't think that's necessary.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I've caressed the short rodder before...quite sexy and light for light jigging! Never mind the price KY...where got ah? If Kepong, easy to get...if Spore, hate to go and fly there ;)

Xzoga looks nice too...must have been done by that Johor uncle ;) You could have wrapped your name more beautifully in Chinese characters...isk isk!

And no, I am not that anony prick :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot... Xzoga pe5-6...must be one crazy poundage...can pull boat anchor somemore hehe

KYFK said...

sigh...its not suppose to be 5-6. Its suppose to be max 5. That's what I wanted. They told me they would put something like 'this rod is handcrafted for...bla bla bla...' but suddenly came out just KY. Bodoh la...

I think there's still a few Short Rodders in Sykt Kepong. RM1k. But different model.

My fishing room confirm off limits for your liow...nanti you caress my wives!!! :-p