Thursday, February 08, 2007

SQ Shopping Trip - Boga Grip 130

This is where you retract the jaw either with your thumb or index or any other fingers you prefer :-p Definitely smoother than some other lippers that I've tried.

Very comfortable grip. I think it's non-slip too.

Also bought a holder again...

Here's an extract from the user manual -

The model 130 Boga Grip handles fish by encompassing the fish’s lower jawbone and will easily handle 30 pound fish of most species. However it is not intended to be used on fish that lets say would be dangerous to lip gaff eg billfish and sharks.

The Boga Grip features 4 functions acting together that allow it to work nearly flawlessly. First, the jaws are arranged such that the weight of the fish will cause the jaws to shut even tighter. Secondly it has a locking mechanism that keeps the jaw in their tightest position. Thirdly it has a swiveling motion that eliminates the torque a spinning fish may apply. Fourthly it has a shock absorber that dampens a fish’s attempt to get free.

The Boga Grip is made in the USA of USA made materials. All metal parts of the model 130 Boga Grip are made of 300 series stainless steel with the exception of the precision scale spring which is 17-7 PH stainless steel. All plastic parts are made from black acetal which is a high performance engineering thermoplastic that is used in unlubricated bearing applications. Acetal is tough and resilient and is very resistant to UV light. Constructing the Boga Grip with these materials makes it very strong and resistant to conditions encountered while fishing in fresh or saltwater. Each Boga Grip’s scale is calibrated with certified weights to insure accuracy within one increment. You can send your Boga Grip to IGFA where they can certify it for world record catches.

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