Monday, February 05, 2007

SQ Shopping Trip

Went down to Singapore over the weekend to do some tackle browsing and shopping. I must say, really like how many of their tackle shops are located around Beach Road; Anglers Outfitters, Lure Haven, Angler's Hut, Joes, etc etc. and many more.

Took a bus down to Puduraya Thursday morning, and once I reached there, heard some uncle shouting 'Singapore JB!! Singapore JB!! Singapore JB!!'. Immedately asked him what's the schedule and pricing like. After that, went for lunch and bought some SGDs, and waited for another friend to arrive. We took the 2pm bus and arrived at Golden Mill Complex, SQ, at around 6:30pm. The ride was very comfortable as it was a 18 seater bus/coach with reclining seat/leg support/foot rest; price RM35.

And the best part is Golden Mill Complex is at the tip of Beach Road. So you just need to walk upwards for 5 minutes and you will reach the 1st of many tackle shops around this area!!

Anyway, didn't buy any major item. Just bought some accessories and tools. Here are some of the pics.

FISHERMAN knob/handle. Don't really have a reel to fit this knob with :-p

PRO HUNTER plier pouch
The Daiwa split ring plier and the long nose plier fits nicely :-)

SMITH splitring pincette

Will be using this for my fresh water lures outing. Fitted a split ring and a swivel on the other end.
FISHERMAN spool pouch - L size

FISHERMAN spool pouch - M size


Anonymous said...


Bruce here...saw the stuff you bought in Sinapore. Might wanna make a trip down too. I like those Fisherman reel covers, how much are they? is the stuff in Singapore cheaper than Sykt Kepong?

Ken FK Yong said...

The Fisherman reel covers are around RM30 for a pack of 2. I think got Black, Red & Blue.

The price is almost the same. Definitely cheaper if you are earning SGD! :-p The good thing is they have more funky stuffs. Didn't get to check out AO as they were closed, went fishing. Think they'd have some really funky stuffs too.