Monday, January 29, 2007

Semenyih - 28th January 2007

Another day of casting at Semenyih. The SCORCHING SCORCHING sun is back!!

Kinda like the matching colours of the Daiwa LT and Ryobi Zauber.

Pak Sou Kung!! / Baung!!

2.4kg Haruan!!

Another 2.4kg Haruan!!!


sze guan said...

hi KY, am just curious, are ur humongous haruans from semenyih from payponds or from the wild?

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Sze Guan,

It's a private pond of Uncle Wong. Sadly, I went last week and he just told us he has sold the ponds and that was the last call. No more Haruans in Semenyih... :-(