Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2007 Inventory Check

With the arrival of 2007, it’s that time again to do a quick inventory check. Objective, to identify wish list items for 2007 :-D

But before we start, just want to shed some light on my recent changed of perception on expensive tiny reels.

In the past, I’ve always felt that spending a bomb on tiny reels is a complete waste of money and bloody stupid. Because what difference are you going to get from a RM1700 tiny Stella to a RM170 Zauber when you are casting for haruan/PBs or even the fresh water tiger Toman? Some say for the smoothness in every spin, some say smooth drag, some say solid construction and the list goes on. I’ll be like “HELLO!?!??! Are you bloody casting for Peacock Bass or DOGTOOTH TUNA in the BLOODY pond/stream!?!?”. The reason for saying that is because to me THEN, an expensive reel (Stella, Saltiga, VS, etc) is only necessary when you are fishing for monsters like Dogtooth Tuna, Amberjack, GT, etc etc.

Reason for that, DURABILITY.

Yeah yeah yeah….there are a lot of anglers out there who always fish with their so called ‘el cheapo’ equipment and try to outfish everyone on the boat and when they do, they will be parading round the boat shouting “Come on la!! You don’t need so expensive ones!!! It’s all about the SKILLS!!!” Totally agree!! Skills are definitely important. But hey, let’s send him/her with his/her ‘el cheapo’ equipments to Perth for some Samson jigging, or Taiwan for some DogTooth, for 5 DAYS straight. We’ll see how long his/her ‘el cheapo’ equipment will last k :-p Yes a cheap reel and an expensive one can both land a 30kg Samson. But hey, let’s face it. How many 30kg Samson can a cheap reel handle? Having said that, I’m not saying that a Stella/Saltiga is invincible or indestructible. They are merely MORE durable.

Anyway, going back to the main topic of expensive tiny reels. I’ve recently started believing in buying expensive tiny reels like Stella 2000-4000 or Daiwa Certate or Van Staal 100 etc etc.

For 1 very simple reason, FREQUENCY of USE.

For those of you who have a Stella 20,000, or Saltiga 6500, or Accurate 665. How many times did you use them last year? I only used my Accurate 665 & Daiwa DogFight twice last year, meaning 2 trips. For those of you who used yours countless times, congrats! Unfortunately, not many can afford so many trips to places like Maldives/Spratly/Perth. For me, it’s more of an annual affair, or bi-annual.

But if you ask me how many times I used my Daiwa Caldia Kix for light jigging last year, or how many times I used my Zauber for haruans casting last MONTH. I’ll be like “WHO’S COUNTING??”

The conclusion is simple.

I’m not earning big bucks. But I love fishing and I want to enjoy every second every time I go fishing. Can I afford a Stella 2000? No I can’t. Will I buy? YES I WILL!!!! If the only place you fish is a pay pond, but you go there few times a week, why not go with a Stella 1000? Why should you deprive yourself the smoothness from those thousands of casts and retrieves that you do in a week? If you do a lot of light jigging, go get a Stella 4000 or a Certate or a Van Staal. You worked very hard for the money. So it’s only fair that you reward and pamper yourself.

And for the ‘el cheapo’ users, get off our back cos we are gonna REWARD and PAMPER ourselves in 2007!!!!

So here goes. Let’s start off with the fresh water category. Since the only fresh water fishing that I do is lure casting, it’ll just be on that, with a variety on different poundage. While saltwater will be on jigging, popping and bottom.

Fresh Water Setup

Rod - Berkley Series One - 10 lb (Spinning)
Wish List - None
Reel - Ryobi Zauber 2000
Wish List – None

Although my Zauber is pretty screwed up from the time I took it apart and did some self servicing, it’s still performing well enough for light fishing. So am just going to stick with it. If there’s some extra cash, maybe I’ll get the new Zauber with the power handles. But for now, both and reel and rod are still serving his master well.

Rod - Lemax IT Sport - 15lb (BC)
Wish List - Zenith / Vagabond

The Lemax pistol grip was a test buy as I’ve never use a pistol grip rod. Since I’ve gotten used to it, would definitely love getting a decent pistol grip in 2007.

Reel - ABU Revo SX
Wish List – Daiwa Steez / Daiwa Viento

I bought the ABU cos it was cheap and I’ve always wanted a low profile casting reel. Every time I visit a tackle shop, I always drool over the Daiwa ones but they are just too expensive. The Daiwa Steez is definitely a bling bling reel especially if you throw in the Bass Art or Studio Ocean Mark’s handle and knob.

Rod - Team Daiwa LT – 17lb (Spinning)
Wish List – Daiwa Steez

A bling bling rod.

Reel - NONE
Wish List – Shimano Sephia/Stella 2000/Daiwa Certate Custom.


Rod - Berkley Series One - 25lb (BC)
Wish List - Megabass

Reel - Shimano Cardiff 100
Wish ListShimano Conquest.

Have always wanted to buy the Shimano Conquest. Love the design of the reel, namely the holes on the side plate. It’s just so different. And when I get my Conquest, I'll definitely modify the handle and knob. Perhaps Studio Ocean Custom Parts.

Salt Water Setup

Light Jigging - PE 1 – 3

Rod - Zeus OS Red Venom, Shino Amberjack, EU Pro Exploder, Extreme Angler Customs PE1.8.
Wish List - NONE
Reel - Shimano Technium 4000, Daiwa Caldia Kix 4000
Wish List - Shimano Stella 4000 and/or Van Staal 150


Medium Jigging - PE 3 – 5

Rod - Pioneer Tuna Striker Jig Stick, Lemax Sea Game, Tenryu Jig Zam, Xzoga Custom (ordered 2 weeks ago :-p)
Wish List - None
Reel - Shimano Navi 8000, Avet SX
Wish ListShimano Stella 8000/Shimano Ocea Jigger NR


Heavy Jigging - PE 6 & Above

Rod - V Fox Tblade, Daiwa Saltiga Expedition Deep, EU Pro Exploder
Wish List - Fisherman / SevenSeas / Zenaq

Reel - Accurate 665, Daiwa Saltist, Daiwa DogFight
Wish List - Stella 20000 and/or Van Staal VS 300 and/or Ocea Jigger 4000P



Rod - Extreme Angler Customs PE 7
Wish List - None
Reel - Daiwa DogFight
Wish List – None

I think my popping outfit is sufficient. May get a lighter popping rod for medium popping and pair it with my Shimano Navi 8000.

Bottom and/or Trolling

Rod - Shimano Tiagra T Curve / Lemax Sea Game
Wish List - None

ReelShimano Tekota, Avet SX
Wish List – Avet 30 Pro

The Tekota and SX are mainly for light and medium bottom. But I don’t really fancy heavy bottom fishing so the Avet Pro will very likely be the last item on the list.


This is more like a dream list - Price - USD1299

So there you go.

Here’s a ‘family portrait’ of 2006. We shall wait and see how different will 2007’s ‘family portrait’ be.


Anonymous said...

whooaaa....your 2006 family portrait is something else...more than a hardcore angler you are...

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with you. No point to get a Stella 20k or the likes when you only goes once or twice a year for the biggies. I had wanted to buy a Stella 20k too, but this is the first time I am going for a biggie jigging. Dont know whether I will like it or not so if I buy the Stella 20k and dont make use of it often, it will end up as a white elephant. I guess it was the pride of ownership that gets me all riled up to buy own a Stella 20k (sigh).

Thanks for your advise. Sure will wait to see if this desire for big game jigging is afforable for me to go more than twice a year before I get the Stella 20k. Meanwhile, I will stick to what I have ie Penn 850 (modified with Power handle and improved gears for jigging), Shimano Baitrunner 6500 (backup popping and jigging) and a Shimano TSS 4 (popping). If these breaks :-), it will be the sign to get new reels. BTW, will be going to the Spratlys to try big game jigging out and of course, make my money worth out of these reels :-)