Monday, January 08, 2007

Semenyih - 7th January 2007

1 rod - Lemax Pistol Grip
1 reel - Abu Garcia Revo SX
1 lure - Yozuri Rattl' n Vibe
1 line - 15lbs Power Pro
1 Leader - Sufix Invinsiline 15lbs
1 angler - KY
1 species - Haruan

I have no idea how many in total was landed in total. But the pictures below were just around 60% of the day's catch. (And no they are not the same fish! :-p) Of all the lures, the 'rattle snake' has proven to be the most productive! And not just with the 'haruans'. Even when I was at Air Kuning, the PBs were very drawn by it too.

In summary, very fun trip with many takes. Good place to 'use & abuse' your tackle. It was a bit awkward at first with the new rod as I've never used a pistol grip before, so the short grip took a while to get use to. But after several casts and 'battles', it was fun fun fun all the way.

Before I bought the rod, a friend commented that pistol grip lacks power in setting hook (due to the short grip) and tiring during fish fighting (again due to the short grip). But I found it's just a matter of finding ways of getting around it. I was using my tummy (:-p) and whole body to set hook so that solves the problem. And the tiring part was actually fun as everytime the fish pulls, you feel every bit of the momentum.

As for the reel, no complains and no regrets. Smooth casting and suprisingly strong drag.

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