Monday, January 15, 2007

Semenyih - 15th January 2007

Of all the lures bought last week, only 1 had a hit; Berkley. Was trying everything in my tackle box except the 'rattle snake' the whole morning. Gave up went back to the Yozuri Rattl'N Vibe after lunch as the haruans just don't want to take them. Seriously need to improve my presentation techniques.

Landed 9 in total myself but only took pictures of 2 of them; 1 cos finally landed with a different lure, another cos it was big. Didn't take pictures of the rest as they all look the same...same fish...same lure...boring...

The biggest 3kg.

Side entertaintment for the day; Red Phoenix/Tilapia at 2kg.

Overall catch for 3 anglers - 16 vs 9 vs 8

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