Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ever Green Life Belt

PFD (personal flotation device) / lifejacket / life preserver / life vest / life saver / life belt

Bought this Ever Green life belt a while back. Not cheap, but it's for protecting my life so it's worth every penny. I have 2 other normal Type III lifejackets but I rarely put them on when out at sea as it's hot and bulky. They always end up as cushion for the ass. And the fact is that when there's an emergency, you won't really have the time to put anything on so it's quite redundant. Hence I decided to get this life belt mainly because it's less bulky, and you won't feel much of it as it's around your waist. And it also comes with straps which I can use for fighting belts so it's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. And it expands either automatically upon water pressure or manually jerking the release cord.
I know of a lot of fishing friends who don have a life jacket of any sort. Is it necessary to get one? Don't they always have them on board? If you look at a lot of fishing boats in Malaysia, most of them don't have any or enough life jackets around. And even if they do, they are usually kept and/or hidden 'safely' somewhere so that in an emergency, you can take your own sweet time and search for them. And we are not just talking about emergencies like boat sinking or something. If you look at some fishing boats around Malaysia, you get a lot which don't have any railings around the sides. What if you accidentally fell overboard? What if...nobody heard or knew you fell? What if...the boat was moving? What if...the water was very choppy? What was middle of the night? Are you a good swimmer? Yes? Better than the sea? You sure you won't panic? Hehehehe..... :-p
Finally...if you are an owner of a Stella and/or Saltiga or any other high end reels and you have yet to invest in anything for that priceless life of yours...shame shame!! :-p

Comes with a simple see through bag.

E.G. Life Belt.

118? What 118?

Direction indication. :-p
Rubbery surface for additional grip.

Cordura - for maximum durability.
Shockonloc -
3M Scothlite Reflective Material.
Ever Green International.

Some specs of the belt. On the left is a whistle.

For additional air :-)

You get dotted lines across the float as guide for folding it.
System Designed by Bluestorm - The Challenge of Water.
The gas cyclinder. Am very tempted to try out the belt at the swimming pool or something but then I'll have to replace this. praying that I NEVER have to replace this...never...
Tried strapping on my Braid fighting belt on with a clip and it fits nicely and rest comfortably on my lap.

Resting position when in water. Cross the arms and legs to keep warm.


chin said...

hi, could you tell me where I can purchase this life belt from? and how? appreciate you help. Thanks.

Ivan said...

Hi, I'm from singapore, can you kindly tell me where to purchase this life belt? Been searching high and low on the internet but no avail... Appreciate your kind help. Thanks

Ken FK Yong said...

Hi Hi,

Try checking with Darren. Here's his email add -

He's in and out of Singapore and Malaysia.